Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another milestone bites the dust

Little time today, so I'm getting right to it.

Right here we have The Hammer. In all his 1971 glory. Forty-seven homers, 1.019 OPS that year. He was the man in 1971. He's still the man.

This card is all mine. It is one of the cards that I thought I'd have the toughest time obtaining in my quest to finish off the '71 set. But after receiving the '71 Munson card, I've learned that just about anything is possible in the collecting game (Steve, the code cards are accumulating).

Originally, I thought finishing the '71 set would be a lifetime project. I don't think that anymore. Granted, I still need the Clemente, the Mays and the Rose. Realistically, it could still take years. But also, I expect those cards to drop out of the sky in the next few months. Seriously, I expect to be walking down the street and they will float down from a cloud into my hands. That's how optimistic I am about this set now.

I have reader Eggrocket to thank for the Aaron card. He's been a frequent commentor on both this blog and the '75 Topps blog. He mentioned the condition of the Aaron card. I don't care about the condition. I'm certainly not spending the cash that it takes to get a near mint '71 Aaron, so this fits my needs perfectly.

Eggrocket also sent 14 other 1971 cards off my want list. That brings me to 691 of 752 cards in the set. That's 91.9 percent complete. That is also amazing.

Here is a brief tour through the cards I received:

Tom Grieve's rookie card. The former Rangers player and GM is now a Rangers broadcaster.

He's possibly better known today as Ben Grieve's dad, although I have no idea why people are still talking about Ben Grieve.

Another card microcosm of the Cubs' difficulty in the 1970s.

Here is someone who made a little more impact on the major leagues. Metzger was a solid fielder and good triples hitter for the Astros in the '70s. He also lost the tips of some fingers in a table saw accident.

Oooh, nice card. Three noted sluggers from the '60s. However, the facial expression on Howard is a bit concerning. Alarming even, for a big man.

The 1970 White Sox in one of their many '70s uniform incarnations.

Future Dodger Pete Richert amid the palm trees and a couple of towers. Radio, perhaps?

The fiery manager amid more palm trees and another tower. Great card.

The last checklist that I needed. It's in shockingly great shape. I'm always surprised to receive a vintage checklist that hasn't been marked.

The guy who stole Mike Scioscia away from the Dodgers to manage the Angels. Very little has gone right since for the Dodgers. And I like the Angels a lot less than I once did.

Former platoon-hitter extraordinnaire Terry Crowley. The card's off-center, but I doubt I will upgrade it.

I'll end it with a card of Bert Campaneris, who I refuse to call "Campy," because that is Campanella's nickname.

The card's drastically miscut. Isn't it great?

Eggrocket also sent a '71 Don Sutton that is in very nice shape.

I should say I'm looking feverishly for cards to send to Eggrocket in return. But I don't have the time to do that right now. So, I'll just say, "thanks," and wait for the weekend. That will be card-hunting time.


  1. that's former and future dodger pete richert!

    nice haul. i am not quite as close to completion as you.

  2. Congrats on the Aaron...just so you know, you can get the Rose for under $12 here:

  3. wow. and I don't have readers named eggrocket why???

  4. Why folks still care about Ben Grieve??? Only a New Yawker...

  5. I really like Tom Grieve. He did a good job as GM here and I enjoy hearing him call the games. Really nice cards overall from the Rocket.

  6. I aggree with you 100% on the "campy" nickanme, its Roys!!!!

  7. i have a 71 rose, SGC 50

    looking to get rid of my collection, let me know if i can help you

  8. *sigh*...I am happy for you, but this has reminded me of my lapsed 1972 Topps project. So much work to do...