Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cardboard appreciation: 2005 Fleer Ultra Steve Finley

(According to the always reliable Holiday Insights site, today is Scrabble day. As a word guy, I can appreciate a good game of Scrabble, even though I've played it about once in the last 20 years. Anyway, it's time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 60th in a series. And I'll try to use a "Q" and an "X" in the post):

This card is here in honor of the Dodgers' home opener, which is today against the Diamondbacks. Before the game, center fielder Matt Kemp will receive his Gold Glove Award. It will be presented to him by the Dodgers' last Gold Glove center fielder, Steve Finley.

After that, the Dodgers will try to correct some of the problems that they encountered during their first road trip of the season -- errors (including one by Gold Glover Kemp), walks, bullpen implosion, and an inability to hit with runners in scoring position.

But if things don't work out today, at least you'll be able to gaze upon this exceptional Fleer Ultra card, featuring the lovely visage of Fernando Valenzuela, a guy who could actually pitch more than five consecutive innings in a single game.

Also, this card is a bit of forshadowing for the next post. Feel free to guess as to what that post might be. But I won't be here to answer your questions. I'm off to sleep. Got to rest up for the home opener.

(For those counting, I used a "Q" once and an "X" twice. I even used two "Z"s. But I didn't use Qi. I'm old-school).


  1. 100,137 hits...as of right now! Congrats. Also, that is one HUGE Fernando mug. Here's hoping the Dodgers get on track soon.

  2. i had not seen that card before - it is awesome.

    i'm guessing your next post is a gold glover rundown?

  3. I'm guessing it is a pitch count rant

  4. If I was running toward the outfield wall and saw the giant mug of Valenzuela looking at me, I'd probably drop the ball...and a deuce.