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Ripping it

Everyone knows what this is by now, but at the time that I pulled it out of the package, nobody had shown their Baseball Card Breakdown Tony Gwynn rip card on the blogs yet.

So I took a casual look around the card, with mild interest, wondering how many 1989 Donruss Diamond King Gwynns Gavin must have. Then I flipped it over.

Rip Card?!?!? Of a 1989 Fleer Padre? I don't care if it's 1 of 25 (ebay 1/1!), I am so going to rip this!! This is the easiest rip card decision ever (not that I have any experience with rip cards).

When I first started ripping it, I thought I might be unearthing a black-border mini.

But I quickly deduced that it was a magnet of some sort.

My magnet is the best magnet. It's a splendid mini magnet of The Penguin.

Here is a closer look. Cey is playing ball on starlit field, which makes this better than the best magnet.

The rest of the items in Gavin's Holiday Giveway package where a little more regulation-sized.

Some 2016 Diamond King Dodgers for my collection. (Only one still with the team).

More Panini products, this one showing off Maury Wills' spikes, worn during his record-breaking 1962 season. Damn right, this goes in the Dodger binder.

No lie: I put this card in my COMC cart two days before Gavin's envelope arrived. I love deleting things out of my cart. It's like crossing off items on the to-do list.

More Onelki. This guy got way more cards than he deserved.

Back to the Panini. Prizm makes me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Here's something a little more exciting that scanned like crap. It's a glow-in-the-dark sketch card. I gave it a quick spin but I think I did something wrong as I didn't get the proper effect. Maybe I have to shine it under a light or something.

Finally, below are two cards that are not Dodgers at all. But they really enhance my budding, unintentional player collection.

These are my first pink parallel and first relic Tom Murphy cards. Also, my second autographed Tom Murphy card.

The massive orange swatch is a head-scratcher as the Rockies don't feature orange, or anything from that side of the rainbow, at all. The Rockies' Triple A team, the Albuquerque Isotopes, do feature orange in their uniforms, however, so I'm going to assume that's what this is -- SINCE THE BACK TELLS YOU NOTHING.

OK, it does tell you Murphy is from West Monroe, N.Y., which is why I seem to be collecting him in the first place.

Many thanks for the Christmas gifts, Gavin. Truth be told, I hadn't planned to feature these cards until Wednesday.

Then I went to the mailbox today. Three giant mailers revealed this:

You're going to be seeing a lot more cards this week.


Trevor P said…
The Nomo sketch card made me laugh out loud. Great job, Gavin!
Mark Hoyle said…
Gavin really out did himself. I got a Yaz Magnet. Looks like I spot a Jay Publishing Maury Wills in that stack .
defgav said…
Glad you like! As for the sketch card, he's got little glowing dots around him, in an attempt to give a "starry night" look to it, though you may have to charge it up in front for a bright light for a minute then take it in the dark to get it to work.
Cardboard Jones said…
Holy Shit!... can't. stop. laughing!
BobWalkthePlank said…
Holy Shit, that looks like fun!
Daniel Wilson said…
Great stuff from Gavin as usual!
Fuji said…
Oh man... that Nomo sketch is awesome! Gavin... you nailed the eyes buddy.

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