Saturday, December 3, 2016

Another relic card I don't need

I've talked about paring down my collection of Dodger relics for years now. I've done some trimming, holding a couple of giveaways. But I'm almost to the point where I want to keep what I have, at least for now.

Every once in awhile, though, a relic card emerges from the walk-in safe downtown where I keep my relics (What? You don't do the same?), and I think, "why the heck do I have this thing?"

In fact, it happened several weeks ago with one of them.

But it took me coming across another card first. It was this card:

This is a gold-bordered parallel from 2001 Topps Archives, which is a retro-reprint set. The Archives card is paying tribute to Shawn Green's initial Topps appearance in a base set, which happened in 1992.

The card is replicating this card:

Green appeared in the Draft Picks subset in 1992 as the Blue Jays' No. 1 pick in 1991. So this is a Blue Jays card.

But I don't own Green's '92 card (the above is filched scan) and was only vaguely aware of it. And that bit of unfamiliarity allowed me to keep the following card in my Dodgers' relic collection:

This is from 2003 Topps Gallery. It's a "painted" rendition of Green's Draft Picks card with a relic swatch included.

Green was an established Dodger in 2003, one of the stars of the game at that point. Both the Dodgers and Blue Jays wear blue caps, and, silly me, I just thought it was issued in 2003, so it's a Dodger card.

However, nowhere on this card is there mention of a team affiliation. And there is no date attribution for the relic either. It could be a Dodger relic or a Blue Jays relic. Who knows? They both wear white jerseys! Yay! Topps bringing you closer to the game as vaguely as possible!

So with almost no knowledge to go on, I must go with my own ranking determination system, which I just made up right now on the spot. I must return to the front of the card.

The picture on this card is taken from a Blue Jays card. I can make no determination about the relic because Topps didn't tell me anything about it. And there's nothing mentioned about a team on this entire piece of cardboard. Therefore, it's a Blue Jays card.

It doesn't belong with a Dodger fan. It belongs with a Blue Jays fan. And it will end up with a Jays fan.

I probably should look at the accuracy of some of my other Dodger relics now. I'll likely be down to 5 cards after that.


  1. That's rather odd that they wouldn't put a team affiliation on the 2003 card.
    I always did find that Green Draft Pick card confusing.. lol

  2. The draft pick card picture does leave it nicely open to interpretation with the blue cap - and using the pic in 2003 with no team clarification on the card is just annoying.

  3. the Night Owl has a walk in safe full of cards....

    Yeah, I can picture that

  4. That's actually a patch of jersey from a SUNY-Oneanta intermural softball game.

  5. Interesting design. There's so much space in the bottom part of the card (the gray area)... it's funny that Topps chose to cover up part of Shawn's face with the relic swatch.