Sunday, March 23, 2014

Correcting at least one wrong

Almost two years ago, I received this magnificent card from Paul at Carl Crawford Cards.

It was meant to be a very worthy candidate in my countdown of "The Best Glasses On Baseball Cards. Period".

But the card was too effective. It's so perfect for the countdown that it basically killed my will to compile it because I didn't think anything could come close to matching this card. So even though I promised I would go through with that countdown, I don't really see it happening unless I'm suddenly out of work and have a lot of time on my hands.

I do feel bad about that. But I also feel bad about misidentifying this card.

In the labels of the post that I just linked, I identified this card as from the 1933 Goudey set. The set is iconic and one glance at the card and I know what the set is.

Or so I thought.

Months and months later, I decided to turn the card over and look at the back -- yes, it took me that long to turn it over, what can I say --- have you SEEN the glasses on the front of the card?????

When I turned it over, I saw this:

Yup. The French language.

I started at it for quite awhile and totally missed that it said that MacFayden was the first pitcher in the American League to wear glasses (another reason why this guy's a ringer for the countdown that probably won't happen).

Then I noticed "World Wide Gum Co., Ltd" and "Montreal."

As anyone who knows vintage cards from that period is aware, this card is from the 1933 World Wide Gum set out of Canada. It's often called the Canadian Goudey set because it's almost identical to 1933 Goudey except for the French type (some '33 WWG cards have English-only type).

The WWG cards are slightly more common than the Goudey cards, but let's face it -- 1933 cards aren't dropping from the sky no matter what country prints them.

But I just wanted to correct this reference on my blog because it was annoying me. This great glasses card is a World Wide Gum card, not a Goudey card.

Maybe that's just a way of making me feel better over squirreling out on a countdown -- correcting at least one wrong.

But you can't guilt me into doing the countdown. I already have enough guilt for all of us.


  1. Great, great card! This guy's SABR bio is pretty cool. He once lost a high school game in 17 innings on a squeeze play after striking out over 30 guys!

  2. Beautiful card. Not sure if this is the reference photo, (it's from The Sporting News, 1932) but it's close.

    1. All the photos I could find of him with the Red Sox show him with round frames. Perhaps the rimless octagonals were from a fancy New York optician.

  3. Thank you for correcting that, I can now sleep at night.

    As a proud four-eyes myself, I once owned this card strictly for it's spectacular spectacles.

  4. Nice card. That's all I could think of. Whaddaya want?

  5. This one has been on my wish list for some time because of those glasses...