Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Staying in the charitable spirit

Last month, Chris from View From the Skybox put on a charity group break to benefit children affected by the massive typhoon that hit the Philippines last year.

I've pretty much cut myself off from all group breaks in the last couple of years, but this one drew my interest. Collecting cards is a hobby and is mostly about myself. This was a chance to make my hobby about someone else, something bigger.

I missed out on grabbing the Dodgers in the break, which after viewing the acquisitions by the person who did get the Dodgers, is probably a good thing. Most of them would've been dupes.

Normally not getting the Dodgers would eliminate my interest in a group break. But this was different. The money was going to people in need and I had to join regardless. So why not join in the spirit of charity and get some cards for someone else?

So that's what I did.

I got some good cards, too.

Unfortunately, this is where the post falls apart. I can't show you the cards or even tell you the team that I grabbed. Because that would spoil the surprise for the person who is getting the cards (you could find out rather easily, if you really care).

All I can do is show you the cards that I get to keep for myself, mostly because Chris threw in some extra cards and packs for everyone.

So let's see some really random stuff:

Both Edwin here and Vernon up top are minis from 2013 Topps. This is where grabbing the Dodgers might have helped since I need one-third to one-half of the minis still from this confounding set.

But instead I have terrible Edwin and washed-up Vernon.

Anybody interested? Heh.

I liked National Chicle in 2010 more than a lot of collectors. As proof, the cards I have from this set are arranged in a binder by card number -- I only do that for sets that I intend to complete.

I no longer intend to complete Chicle, but I still do like the cards. This Berkman is from that portion of the set where they painted current players into old uniforms.

Lots of late 1990s Stadium Club in the break. The 1997 SC set is one of the better ones. Here, you can see Gilkey posing for a photo at 11:39 a.m. I bet he was hungry for lunch.

Moving on to 1999 Stadium Club. Randy Johnson spent about two months with the Astros, yet there are thousands of different cards of him in an Astros uniform.

Try to imagine how unspecial Reggie Jackson in an Orioles uniform would be if card companies did in 1977 what they did in 1999.

Part of the add-ons were some unopened packs, including 1986 Topps mini leaders. This pack was filled with stars like Nolan Ryan and Ryne Sandberg. Unfortunately, they were all miscut. Booo, 1986 Topps!

Chris also has a seemingly endless supply of 1995 Comics Images Phil Rizzuto National Pastime packs, and I opened three of them, I think.

The set has some interesting cards, but some like this one are downright nightmare inducing. I think I pulled two of these (the collation is abysmal), and I believe I'm going to store them in separate parts of the house so they can't conspire.

Here is a much happier card. This reminds me of the way I knew Phil Rizzuto, as a canoli-loving, off-the-cuff announcer for WPIX in the late '70s/early '80s. I saw lots of weekend Yankee broadcasts that featured Rizzuto (for six innings anyway -- he would always leave early to beat the bridge traffic), Bill White and Frank Messer.

I think this is some sort of insert. It's not one of the autographed Rizzuto cards that are advertised in the set, but I'll take this one.

As for most of the other cards that I can't show, you'll just have to wait until I send them to a certain person and they can show them. I suppose my gesture is not true charity as I'll probably get some cards in return for this, but I certainly don't expect any.

True charity is what Chris did. He went through a lot of work, sweat and pleading and pulled this off. I hope some of our money can do some good overseas.

I may not do group breaks anymore, but I was proud to be part of this one.


  1. I really dig those Rizzuto's National Pastime cards. -"The person who did get the Dodgers"

  2. I've opened at least 40-50 of the Rizzuto packs and have never pulled one of those inserts. It's probably worth TONS of money since everyone loves 1995 Comics Images Phil Rizzuto National Pastime. Speaking of which, anybody want some 1995 Comics Images Phil Rizzuto National Pastime packs? I'll trade a dozen for a turkey sandwich!