Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sparkle and shine

No Heritage, no time. But, don't worry, I got this for ya.

A few posts ago, I thought I had all of the 2011 Topps base set diamond parallels for the Dodgers, only to realize the long-forgotten Marcus Thames had eluded my clutches.

In stepped Commish Bob, scary prompt-like, and Thames arrived outside my door in no time flat.

So, now ... now, I do have all of the 2011 Topps base set diamond parallels for the Dodgers.

And I can now do this:

See how they sparkle and shine?

I have a few SPs, too. I don't know if I have them all, probably not.


But Koufax, Campanella and Robinson is pretty good.

With those rascals complete, it's time to move on to the 2011 Update diamond parallel Dodgers. I need three of them still. Jamey Carroll, Matt Guerrier and Juan Uribe are now on the Nebulous 9 list (I probably won't have that thing back up to a full nine for a few more weeks -- I've got some cards coming in and a card show coming up).

Of course, for some collectors, I'm three years behind. I'm sure some had the entire diamond parallel set completed in 2011.

But I think the pokey road is the best road and I'm happy that I completed it now. After the diamonds are finished, I suppose I'll work on finishing the liquorfractors for that year (or "cognac," to you one-liquor people).

After that it will be the 2012 gold sparkle Dodgers. But I don't like those very much. It might make the ol' OCD squirmy, but I may skip over 2012 goldie sparkles to finish the 2013 rain forest parallel Dodgers and then go back to 2012.

But the 2011 diamonds were the first of their kind and the one that caused the biggest sensation when they arrived.

And in the words of the great Steve Earle:

"I can't believe she's mine."

Thanks all.


  1. Seeing those makes me agree with you - those 2011 sparklies were the best so far. Better than the Red, Green, Gold, Liquor, etc. I actually think the blue ones from 2013 may be the second best.

    BTW - Pee Wee and Duke have SP sparkly variations as well.

  2. That Steve Earle song was what I thought of immediately when I saw the post's title. Didn't think you were actually quoting him. Well done -- and nice cards too!

  3. i am looking to get rid of a Diamond Parallel Pee Wee Reese.
    interested? send me an email @

  4. Oh no! It looks like Jackie is falling into a pit of broken glass!