Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This is the time of year that I usually whine about work. It's cosmically unfair that my busiest time of the year happens at the exact same time that others are taking entire weeks off to frolic in warmer climes.

But this the lot I chose in life. I decided not to be a college student for the rest of my life. I decided not to be a teacher. I decided to write sports for a living (Nick, if you value lots of time off, you may want to stick to education as a career pursuit). And sports says that March -- yes, spring break time -- is the busiest time of the year.

I'm realizing that the older I get, the more I don't care whether I get time off in March. That's both a product of mellowing out and of ... heh, receiving more vacation time (one of the benefits of getting older).

So in April -- another time period when education types take weeks off when I usually can't -- I will be taking a little time off, too. And then everyone can be jealous of me.

But right now, as I keep nose firmly pressed to grindstone, all I have to make people jealous are cards.

Yup, I've got some more cards from David K. to show off.

I already featured a particular 1975 George Brett rookie mini and a bunch of night cards from him, but there were a lot more cards to feature.

So, let's get to it. Let's see if I can find 10 ways to make you jealous.

10. I completed a team set!

This is the last card I needed to finish off the Series 1 2014 Topps Dodgers. I don't know if this would make anyone jealous. But if they are, they just went on ebay and bought a team set for like $1.99.

9. Even MOOAAARRR night cards!

That's probably not even one-seventh of the night cards that Dave sent me. And this is why I need days off. The night card binder demands some serious attention now.

I love these cards, but I'm afraid I might be the only night card collector in existence. So I don't think anyone is jealous.

8. My first Ryan Miller card!

Dave sent me a few Sabres, which happen to be my favorite hockey team. I don't have a lot of Sabres cards and this -- yes -- is my first Ryan Miller card. It arrived mere days after he was traded to the Blues, which is both the sad tale of the Sabres and the sad tale of a Sabres fan.

So I don't think you're jealous of my Sabres card of someone who isn't a Sabre. But I like it.

6. Rookie Floating Heads!

Love the floating heads, even if these guys didn't do much. If you have no floating head cards in your collection you should be jealous. You should also feel shame. Deep, deep, deep shame. Floating heads on some of your cards is a must.

5. A 2009 O-Pee-Chee box bottom!

These are pretty cool, but I have a feeling it will be stripped and sold for parts ... well, traded for parts anyway. So I guess the question is, "how jealous are you to want one of these babies?"

4. An early '80s card of the Mad Dog!

Those who do not have a Madlock card should be very, very jealous. He was a one-of-a-kind player. It's also a step closer to my 1982 Topps completion task and I know I'll make somebody jealous when I can display all those hockey sticks in one binder.

3. A high-numbered Maz!

Receiving high-numbered 1972 Topps cards in the mail are almost as amazing as receiving '75 Topps minis in the mail. In terms of set completion goals, there are no two items that I am chasing more rabidly. And I do mean rabidly. There is frothing at the mouth and everything. It's messy.

Jealous yet?

2. Wonderful 1967s!!!!

This is such a beautiful set and Dave has been helping me appreciate it more and more. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't be jealous over a single 1967 Topps card.

This is also making me fear for myself when 2016 Heritage comes along. I thought I'd have a problem with 2014 Heritage and the '65 design, but I'm holding it together. 1967, though, I don't know.

1. Drink it in, man, that's a 1955 Bowman Roy Campanella!!!

If you aren't jealous of this either you have the card already or your wires are crossed. This thing is awesome.

Dave, this card made me smile.

And made me forget that it's still winter, still March and still busy.


  1. Yes, time off would probably be ideal. And, yes, I'm jealous.

    Campy obviously stole the show here, but I really like that Maz. Easily one of my favorite cards from the '72 set.

  2. Jealous of the 55B Campanella? damn straight

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw Bills cards on here a few months back. But a Sabres card?


  3. I have a confession to make. I have zero floating head cards. So yes I'm jealous.

  4. Hell yes, I'm jealous. That Campy!!! Oh boy! And the '67s... just terrific cards from a great set. btw.... Bubba Morton's actual first name is Wycliffe?!?! 'Wycliffe Morton' is a NAME so good it makes me jealous.

  5. Gotta admit... I have never had any regrets on becoming a teacher. Sure I don't make boatloads of money... but the feeling you get when a former student says "thanks", along with the various "breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Spring, and Summer)" more than makes up for the lack of funds in my bank account.

    As for those cards... here are the top 3 things I'm jealous of:

    #3 1967 Curt Flood - I really like this card for some reason.

    #2 2009 OPC Box Bottom - Box bottoms rule!

    #1 1955 Bowman Campanella - If you're not jealous of this... it probably means you already own it. Which is why I didn't put the 82T Madlock and 72T Maz on this list.