Friday, March 7, 2014

Time is not on my side

I've got a bunch of cards to show off from a trade with Greg Z. of Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle, but I have literally 18 minutes to write it.

I really despise March.

And if anyone mentions spring break, I'm going to write nothing but trade posts for the next week.

The best card I got from Greg was the Lindsey Vonn mini card. I like to say I have a connection to Tiger Woods because as you know Woods and Vonn are currently cavorting. Vonn used to be married to a skier named Thomas Vonn (she was formerly known as Lindsey Kildow). Thomas Vonn went to a college that my newspaper covers, St. Lawrence University. I kind of knew him back then so there's my connection, as terribly tenuous as it is.

As you can imagine, Greg has lots of Russell Martin cards just lying around. He's the only Dodger fan I know who is still collecting Russell Martin.

Although, I suppose since I gratefully crossed these cards off my want list, I'm still collecting him, too.

Bowman went a little nuts with Martin cards in 2005. They had to show him wearing a World Cup tournament jersey, too.

And then produce a gold parallel, too. If I was a long reliever I'd consider forming some sort of union that bargains for long relievers to be assured of a spot in ever card set. I didn't need two different Russell Martin cards in the same set. Even when he was good.

Here is a 2005 Bowman uncirculated Russell Martin card. You can't see that it says "uncirculated" on the silver tape, but it does.

I think Greg Z. bought a whole bunch of these uncirculated cards and is now ... um ... circulating them.

When the spring comes, I might take mine out of its case, put in the grass outside and see if it "circulates."

I expect to see at least two dozen '05 Bowman Russell Martins after it rains.

I love how my scanner treats refractors. Every time I'm thinking of taking a sledgehammer to it, it busts out one of these. "Don't kill me! Pretty pink! LOOK!"

It even added some refractor action on a 1995 Leaf Limited card, which I don't believe is a refractor.

I don't know who these people are.

Greg obviously remembers the time when I declared myself a Jon Link supercollector. This fills the personal appearance autograph or TTM autograph. I don't know how this was achieved.

I'll finish with one of the best Dodger cards of all-time. It is indeed a winner.

OK, I got through that with four minutes to spare -- probably because I simply wrote down the first thing that came to my head.

So I guess I have a little time to kill.

Um ... what else do you want to talk about?

Sorry to hear about Frank Jobe. He's a legend. And Tommy John, who I've written about a few times, now lives in my area. He plays on the golf courses here all the time. If I was one of those autograph seekers, I'd figure out where was going to be. But I don't really care.

(*Looks at watch*)

Two minutes.

Uh ....

I hope to put some packages in envelopes on Saturday. Exciting, huh? Unfortunately they won't be going out the door. I won't have time for that. Maybe Monday.

(*Checks watch again*)

One minute.

So, let's see. I have a few packages ready to go. I can look over at my desk and see who they're for. I've got four or five of them that might be all set by Monday. Let's see, I have ...

Oops, sorry. Time's up. Back to work.


  1. As of 3:31 this afternoon I'm on Spring Break.

  2. Last I checked snow was still out there, no spring here.. off to the card show!

  3. Thanks again for the trade!

    The Link was sent to me by somebody. Don't remember who. Felt it belonged with you.

    And I only had three of those uncirculated Russ cards. Well, two now.