Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring pit stop

Today is the day that I step away from cards on this blog to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

Although I've watched her grow up under my own roof for several years now, she still has the wonderful ability to surprise.

Just yesterday, in guitar class, when the teacher asked her what song she'd like to learn, I thought she'd pull out one of her usual choices, light, bubbly music with happy sounds that go with her general outlook and personality.

Instead, she said she wanted to learn Andrew W.K.

You know, the "Party Hard," blood-streaming-out-of-his-nose guy.

She wanted to learn "Ready To Die." She said she finds it "motivating" when she's working on her drawings.


Anyway, I'm off to celebrate her big day.

As for the card?

Well, 1981 is the year that I turned the age that my daughter is turning now.

And the car is there because she is now of the age necessary to drive one.

In other words ...

EVERYONE LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S.: No, she's not getting a Corvette, or playing that song when she's behind the wheel).



    Just helping the readers out. I got your back, DAD.

  2. Have fun on your daughter's special day!