Thursday, March 25, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post for awesomeness

I'm not sure how everyone else goes about their blog posting, but I try to schedule out my posts each week.

If I did everything off the cuff -- although sometimes I do -- I would positively hate half of what I wrote, and there would be no blog archive for anyone to look through because I would have deleted most of what I had written.

So, yes, I try to go by a schedule. Most times, that schedule runs smoothly for the first couple of days of the week and then goes off the tracks. Sometimes, I can steer the schedule back on the tracks. Sometimes, it's hopeless. The train cars are overturned and burning in a mass of flaming wreckage.

Usually, my schedule is interrupted by something I read on another blog, or by something new in the hobby, or by a topic that has popped up in major league baseball. Sometimes it is interrupted by something I get in the mail.

I love it when it is interrupted by something I get in the mail.

Yesterday, I received a package that I had honestly hoped I would get, yet didn't have any reason to think that I would.

You have seen Big D's custom cards on his blog, Hey, That's Mine, and if you have been paying attention the last couple of days, you have noticed that he has been mailing out one-of-a-kind creations to some lucky people.

I happen to think these are among the best-looking custom cards I have ever seen. Big D's stuff is definitely in the top 5, probably in the top 2 or 3, and there is a lot of fine stuff being produced by a bunch of bloggers. But not only does Big D's final product look great, but he really has an eye for design. I don't know what line of work he's in, but if he's a graphic designer I wouldn't be surprised.

First, the guy's even got his own logo!

Big D! That is tremendous! And I love the wording on the back. If I could create my own card -- and that's something I have not tried to do since I was like 12 -- I'd like to write something like that on the back.

But the best part is the front. Here is one of the two awesome cards he sent:

My very own Big D "Penguin" card! This is so amazing. I love the design. It's simple, yet not Upper Deck-boring. Great use of color and the team logo. And that is a photo of the Penguin that I don't remember seeing.

I just sent out a TTM request to Mr. Cey. It would be great to send this card along, too. Although I'd hate to lose it in the mail. I'm certainly not going to ask Derek to make a new one. I read what he said on the back.

All right, that card is great, but it's not the best of the two.

How can that be, you're asking. Isn't Cey your favorite player of all-time?

Yes, he is. But just look at this card:

Here is a member of the "I'm Badass and You're Not" Club paired up with Mr. T!!!!! Totally Awesome, Dude!!!!

Derek, if you wanted me to break out in a smile when I saw this card, mission accomplished.

Big D knew that I've written about both Stormin' Gorman and The A Team before, and he put it all together on a card that has a very '70s feel, but is also a take off on the Goudey design of a couple years ago.

Both of these cards came in top loaders and are as thick and glossy (although not too glossy) as your average baseball card. As good as they look here, they look even better in person.

Very nice work, Derek. And thanks for interrupting my schedule.


  1. I love my bigD card too. He does awesome work!

  2. My goodness!!! That badass Gorman card has my early vote for 2010 Card of the Year, I f-ing LOVE IT!!!! I hope that one isn't a 1/1. That is great!!! Great job Big D, you are a lucky Owl my friend... Well worth upsetting your schedule over.

  3. I'm glad I was able to put a smile on your face. It's been just as fun to see peoples' reactions to the cards as it has been to make them. I'm glad everyone approves of them (so far at least).

  4. Big D rocks the custom cards...I know. : )

  5. That Gorman is the best looking custom card i have seen yet. Good Job BigD.