Monday, March 29, 2010


I hope there really wasn't a question over whether I would cut out those Baseball Cards Magazine reprint cards.

Cardboard must be 2 1/2-by-3 1/2. It is its destiny.

As you can see, I didn't do the greatest razor blade job on the Rose "repli-card." But I'm long past the day when I'd try to pass this off as the real thing. ... Not that I ever tried to do that or anything.

There is the back of the freed Rose card. In case you're wondering, the giant REPRINT replaced a cartoon mentioning Rose's '63 Rookie of the Year award.

The edges on the Steve Carlton-Fritz Ackley reprint aren't quite right either. But there's room for further trimming when I'm feeling particularly invincible.

Did the Cardinals really wear blue caps with white lettering? No red at all? That seems wrong. Although I'm aware it is an airbrush job.

You can see the back deletes any reference to Fritz Ackley. Poor Fritz. His appearance in the 1965 set was his last. He actually did all of his major league pitching -- five games for the White Sox in 1963 and 1964 -- before this card came out.

So much for the "rookie star."

Anyway, it took me only 25 years but I've officially added those reprints to my collection. That's terrible that I waited so long.

I think I just wanted to hang onto that blue speckled cardboard on the back. Look, I've still got the remnants.

I'll figure out something to do with that. Just give me another 25 years.

(Note: I had another post planned for today, but blogger has gone beserk with images all freaking day, and I had this in the cue -- I did the trimming last night. Thanks for screwing my schedule blogger).


  1. One of the reasons I left blogger was the glitchiness.

    You sure that Rose is a reprint? It's hard to tell..

  2. I've got that Carlton reprint in cut condition somewhere. I never saw a Lefty I didn't like.

    My rule of thumb on these things is if it is still attached to the magazine, let it be. It's it's floating free in the wild go ahead and cut that sucka. I like the blue speckly though.

  3. Speaking about keeping the speckly cardboard, for some future project, my wife and I were watching one of those shows on hoarders.
    One of the hoarders was talking about keeping random stuff on the slim chance it might come in handy later.
    I guess it'd only be a problem if your place was overrun with speckly cardboard, or say other kinds of cardboard.