Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool stuff

Now that I have your attention, I am going to show a few recent acquistions that I think are cool. You may think so, too. Or you may not. But that's fine. We know who's really right.

I pulled this 2010 short-print Carlton Fisk card out of the first pack from a blaster purchased yesterday. I am averaging one short-print-per-Topps-base-set a year, and each happen to have been Chicago players.

I'm willing to trade this card, but it's got to be in exchange for something cool. For example, I'm still looking for the Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese short-prints from 2009 Topps.

Now, for those of you whose attention wanes whenever the latest and greatest isn't featured, your time here is done. Go find something shiny.

For the rest of you, you may remember that I have sworn off blasters this year. It's sort of working. I have purchased two blasters so far -- but one was with money intended for a card show that I never went to and one was with money obtained through expense reimbursement at work. I consider this extra money, so it technically doesn't fall under the heading of "Money Blown On Blasters."

Besides, I really got the itch to see what the "black-out" cards look like this year. I was really hoping to get a Dodger, and then my Wal-Mart blaster buying would end happily.

Unfortunately, I pull Oakland A's at an alarming rate, so there were no Dodgers, but I do have black-out cards of folks I'll have to go on faith are actual baseball players.

This is the coolest card of the black-out ones. Well, there's another cool one. But that will be a surprise for a blogger in the future.

Also, I got a couple Yo Mamma cards that I didn't have, which is most excellent. I absolutely love Musial's teeth-gritting. I've got to try that when I'm forced to pose for photos.

Meanwhile, I haven't gotten around to posting a few trades. I'll show one here. Wicked Liquids sent out some cards just because people asked him if he could. Most of the Dodgers had already made it to my house once before, but two Manny's did not. The first is a Starquest from good old First Edition.

The second is from an abysmal UD product, Piece of History. But it happens to be the last Dodger that I need from the 2009 set. So, I wave goodbye to Piece of History forever and ever.

The Liquidator also sent some random hockey cards, which are cool because I once collected hockey cards like a fiend, only to sell them all. I'm featuring this one, just because it's the most colorful. I think I may have thrown some people off by complaining about cards being "too gaudy" in the last post. I assure you, I still love colorful cards. I just don't like color saturating the photograph like on the '60s team cards.

AROUND the photo: good. INVADING the photo: bad.

Another trader, Dustin, also recently sent me some cards. I think I'll feature most of them on another post. But I wanted to show a card that is a very familiar presence on this blog. It's the 1975 Ron Cey card making about his 15th appearance on NOC. But it's also a mini '75 Ron Cey. And I think I now have enough mini Ceys that I can send one to Mr. Cey in a TTM request.

I'm still ridiculously delinquent in the TTM game. I don't know if I'll ever get back on the wagon. The last time I posted something about future TTM attempts, I sent out exactly one of the many cards that I said I'd send out. And that one still hasn't come back.

But the Cey mini I will definitely send. And when I get it back, it will be one of the most coveted cards I have. My favorite player signing a card from my favorite set. Nothing could be sweeter.

OK, one more thing and then you can enjoy your non-work-filled Saturday (what's that like, by the way?).

These are the two cards from COMC that I didn't scan in the other day:

The first one is a 1960 Fleer card of Joe "Ducky" Medwick. I think this is my second Medwick card. Or maybe my first. He's known more for being a Gas House Gang Cardinal, but he did contribute to the Dodgers' National League pennant in 1941.

I also grabbed this 1960 Fleer card of Zack Wheat, the second Wheat card from the latest COMC package. I have a mild card obsession with Wheat.

You may notice that the card is drastically off-center. I got it like that on purpose.

Why you ask?

Well, duh, it's cheaper that way. But also, it goes with his crooked cap.

Like I said, cool stuff.


  1. In 1994, I attended the HOF inductions in Cooperstown. We rode a shuttle bus to the induction site with a man who was assigned to Wheat when he was alive and attending the inductions.

    The man described himself as someone the Hall hired to act as a valet for the older HOFers and Wheat liked him and requested him every year for a 3-4 year run.

    He said Wheat was very kind and generous with the fans and had many great stories of the players of that era. It made for an entertaining bus ride.

  2. The "1963 Musial" brings back a good memory. In about 1980 or 1981 one of the first card shops in Phoenix opened. It was a big deal back then. The shop gave out door prizes and I won a '63 Musial. Great way to get people to come back! :)

  3. Cool stuff!I love the Cey Card!

  4. I need the Black Red Sox card. Can you send it to me pleeeeaaaasssseee!!!???

  5. A-How ironic. I just picked up that very Fleer Medwick card at my LCS the other day. I've started on a Brooklyn Dodgers jag.
    B-The black cards are awesome. I know that nobody really cares what I think, but that's just my two-cents for the day.