Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cardboard chew toys

During my Wednesday ritual of errands, I stopped at a store that had some Upper Deck cards. I quickly grabbed a pack each of Masterpieces and Heroes, threw them in with a couple Christmas gifts, cashed out and left. I rushed home, stashed the gifts in a hiding place, threw the bag with the cards on the dining room table, and dashed back out to pick up my daughter at school, and then off to guitar lessons.

When we got back, I heard an "oh, no, oh, no" from my daughter, and I looked in the living room. The bag that had been on the table (normally a high enough safety spot) was in pieces all over the floor. The cards, every, single, solitary, last one of them, had been gnawed, torn and savored by the cutest looking troublemaker you've ever seen.

Fortunately, there were no great parallels or short-prints in the packs. And I'm not really collecting either set. These two probably were the best of the bunch (if you needed either of these, I'm sorry):

Also, our dog got ahold of a tissue box that was on the table. Not only were there cards and bits of plastic bag everywhere, but tissues, too. Very appropriate, because I wanted to cry.


  1. Oh no!! That should never happen to a Konerko!!

  2. That's why my wife and I have a cat and not a dog...

  3. Inside a doggie brain:

    Rod Carew! OM NOM NOM NOM

  4. The feline kind are just as prone to this -- my cat attacked a Matt Wieters rookie card.

  5. If you still have the remnants, they would make for a great "Things Done to Cards" post! :-) Sorry your dog ate your cards, though. Ouch...