Sunday, November 23, 2008

More housekeeping

A few, small things while you stare at my dog's guilt-ridden face:

1. I am now a contributor to one of the most fascinating card blogs out there, Things Done to Cards. My first post on "Things Done" is up now and documents the sad story of a man, his dog and a handful of mangled baseball cards. I hope to contribute to "Things" here and there, though I think the majority of the posts are best left to the site's master, Steve, of White Sox Cards, and some of the other "Things" veterans. I'm just happy to be part of the team!

2. I'm looking for a decent, free, on-line checklist site to flesh out my want list. What I'm looking for is a site that allows you to search by team, so I can find the Dodgers in each release. Is Open Checklist the venue for that? I've looked at Open Checklist periodically, but haven't really tried searching by team.

3. I'll be going over the river and through the woods later this week to a land where it's impossible for me to post. I hate that Night Owl Cards will be dormant for a few days. But I'm hoping that others out there will be much too busy with Thanksgiving festivities to be checking out card blogs regularly. So from Wednesday or so until Saturday or so, the "closed" sign is up. After that, business as usual.

Thanks for reading a post without a single baseball card in it!

(EDIT: ROCKS! Thank you!)


  1. The team set checklist site that I use is

    These are sorted by teams.

  2. Teamsets4u is excellent, and a great place to pick up cards, too! :-)

  3. I've been using teamsets4u for awhile. I'll find the occasional mistake, but it's pretty top notch.

    Great first post over at TDTC, by the way. Post as little or as much as you like.