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If I was king of the postseason, 2020 edition

To demonstrate exactly how "2020" this postseason could turn, the Astros could conceivably knock off, in order, the three teams with the most justifiable gripes against them -- the A's, Yankees and Dodgers -- en route to a World Series title that nobody wants to see.

If this happens, it's quite possible I will turn off all electronic devices for a month straight as I have as much desire to watch the Reddicks, Josh and Jett (if that is your real name), celebrate and babble nonsense as I do monitoring the Election Day hooey that will follow shortly afterward.

Not a lot good can come out of this postseason. That's OK, because I'm not putting much stock in the champion of a 60-game season. (Sure, if the Dodgers win I'll parade that title down the middle of the freeway).
In that frame of mind, I've adjusted somewhat my annual look at the 16 potential World Series matchups. After 10 years of doing this, I've scrapped the nifty titles that were supposed to sum up each showdown. In its place I've tracked down a player for each matchup who played for those two teams and no other team. I'm also going try to cut down on words for each matchup. We'll see how that goes.
OK, here are the 16 possible World Series clashes. Some are pretty dire. But the good news is you can count which pharmaceutical drug commercial you see the most often! Will it be Humira? Trulicity? The Chantix ice skating turkey? I sure do those miss those Wagner Power Painter commercials.
1. Dodgers vs. Rays -- the Adam Kolarek Series
What's good about it: The top two seeds made the World Series! Yay!
What's bad about it: The Rays win and still have the satisfaction of receiving Carl Crawford's best years.

Who I want to win: Dodgers.

2. Marlins vs. Yankees -- the Giancarlo Stanton Series

What's good about it: We get to see if Don Mattingly can still squeeze into a Yankees uniform?
What's bad about it: So. Many. Derek. Jeter. Video. Retrospectives. It may finish me off.

Who I want to win: Marlins.

3. Braves vs. Astros -- the Evan Gattis Series

What's good about it: I get to root for the Braves. That rarely happens.
What's bad about it: The reading on my excitement level for this series will match the level when somebody says "look what I saw on Facebook."

Who I want to win: Braves.

4. Padres vs. A's -- the Eric Show Series

What's good about it: For once, Twitter will be happy. I sense more Twitter folk rooting for these two teams than any other.
What's bad about it: An ungodly amount of yellow.

Who I'd want to win: A's.

5. Dodgers vs. Yankees -- the Hiroki Kuroda Series

What's good about it: Television executives can hold lavish parties? I don't know.
What's bad about it: I am the only Dodgers fan in a sea of Yankees fans where I live.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

6. Marlins vs. Astros -- the Reggie Abercrombie Series

What's good about it: This Series will bore a lot of people. So those of us who are actual baseball fans will have it all to ourselves.
What's bad about it: I'm probably going to be too bored to watch.

Who I want to win: Marlins

7. Braves vs. A's -- the Glenn Hubbard Series

What's good about it: Lots of viewings of the 1984 Fleer Glenn Hubbard snake card.
What's bad about it: This is a matchup of one of the best teams of the 1970s vs. one of the worst team of the 1970s. The kid in me will have difficulty reconciling.

Who I want to win: A's.

8. Padres vs. Rays -- the Wil Myers Series

What's good about it: Everyone will pull out their 2013 Wil Myers cards and reminisce.
What's bad about it: If my job was to contract baseball teams, these two teams would be No. 4 and 5 on the list.

Who I want to win: Rays.

9. Dodgers vs. Astros -- the Josh Fields Series

What's good about it: Revenge. Pay back. Winning All The Twitter Fights.
What's bad about it: The opposite of above.

Who I want to win: Dodgers.

10. Marlins vs. A's -- the Michael Neu Series

What's good about it: You get to figure out who Michael Neu is! (He's the current coach for the University of California).
What's bad about it: Nobody is ever going to remember who won the 2020 World Series.

Who I want to win: A's.

11. Braves vs. Rays -- the Terrell Wade Series

What's good about it: Well, if this was any other year and teams were playing in their own ballparks, I'd say that everyone gets to save on gas mileage. But since it's not, I guess I'll just say, the matchup sort of rhymes? Maybe?
What's bad about it: I don't remember Terrell Wade at all.

Who I want to win: Rays

12. Padres vs. Yankees -- the Oscar Azocar Series

What's good about it: Tributes to Cardboard Legend Oscar Azocar!!!
What's bad about it: My least favorite Series possibility. At least I made it my choice in Cardboard Crack's World Series contest so I won't be quite as despondent.

Who I want to win: Padres.

13. Dodgers vs. A's -- the Bob Welch Series

What's good about it: So many memories of these two teams playing against each other in the World Series. I know the 1988 World Series mentions would border on overkill but I won't care. Show me more!
What's bad about it: Some A's fans will be yelling about revenge and I'll be holding up a sign that says: 1974! 1974!!!!!!

Who I want to win: Dodgers.

14. Marlins vs. Rays Series -- the Trevor Richards Series

What's good about it: The ratings will be so low it will kill the baseball postseason appearing on TV forever. From that point forward, the World Series will be available only by pulling your grandfather's CB radio out of the closet and doing whatever you have to do to hear stuff out of a CB radio.
What's bad about it: I don't know how to work a CB radio.

 Who I want to win: Rays.

15. Braves vs. Yankees -- the Tom Hughes Series

What's good about it: I'm going to tell you who Tom Hughes was: Hughes pitched for the Yankees and Braves between 1907-18. He pitched back-to-back 16-win seasons in 1915 and 1916 for the Braves.
What's bad about it: So many bad, bad late '90s Series memories in which I wanted both teams to lose.

Who I want to win: Braves.

16. Padres vs. Astros -- the Brett Wallace Series

What's good about it: This is the Series matchup that would cause the most rejoicing on Twitter if the Padres won -- come to think about it, this is what's bad about it.
What's bad about it: I really dislike each team.

Who I'd want to win: Padres.

Just to relay how much things have changed over the years and even the last couple of years: remember when Manny Machado was a reviled Dodger, who did evil, despicable things and was never to be celebrated?

Now Machado is a member of the Padres and people are rejoicing every good thing that happens to him.

Social media never makes sense.

But that's 2020 for ya. As usual, for the eighth straight year, I'll be rooting for the Dodgers. But if they don't win, all you'll get is a shrug from me.

Better than watching the news, I guess.


"Social media never makes sense." No truer words have ever been spoken. I'm petty and I hold baseball grudges. I never want to see Machado win anything after witnessing how he behaved as a Dodger. There is little doubt as to who he is as a person and that person is devoid of character. I also throw up a little bit in my mouth every time I think about how they were let off the hook for stealing a World Series title. I hope they never win another game for the rest of their existence. Gurriele's recent comments solidify my dislike for these jokers. Certainly not a fair wish when it comes to Astros players that were never even a part of the cheating years. If Houston advances to the World Series, I won't watch one inning.
I'd take the Glenn Hubbard series, complete with a copy of the 84 Fleer card, which I still need.

Also, kudos on the Reggie Abercrombie reference, whom I know from his long career with the Winnipeg Goldeyes.
bbcardz said…
I expect we'll get a ratings/drama-rich World Series matchup. I'm also expecting an Astros vs. Yankees ALDS (did I mention ratings?).
For the first time in a long time I will be rooting for the Padres in the postseason. I hope we beat your team this week and that we can still remain civil to one another. GO PADRES!
Elliptical Man said…
Best: Athletics over Padres

Worst: Astros over Dodgers

Most Entertaining: Dodgers over Yankees

Most Boring: Rays over Marlins
Nick Vossbrink said…
Have to say that the Astros winning the playoffs after qualifying for the postseason with a losing record and starting the season with the cheating scandal would be the most 2020 of results. I'm half rooting for it because I cannot overstate how much I loathe this new playoff format and fear that it'll be entrenched unless it's clearly a joke in year 1. I refuse to call this postseason a World Series and in many ways am convinced that it's best for everyone if the winner is a team that baseball fans will reject as a champion.
Fuji said…
Lol. The Eric Show series? I didn't even know he played for the A's. Now that's some awesome baseball trivia. Great post as usual. I'm way too lazy (or tired) to rank the 16 different outcomes... but here's my favorite and least favorite:

#1: A's vs. Padres (I'd want the A's to win, but wouldn't be sad if they lost)

#16: Yankees vs. Dodgers (I'd want the Dodgers to win)

Honestly... as long as the Yankees don't with #28 and the Astros don't win #2... I'll be a pretty happy camper.
Matt said…
Manny Machado is directly responsible for Dustin Pedroia's knee injury. He will always be evil.
I keep saying Braves over Rays.
I'm happy with any World Series but usually prefer unusual teams and matchups. I'm sorry but I'm just over the Astros, Yankees, and, yes, Dodgers.

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