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Move on, haters

I was watching a video the other day of one of those box breakers who opens cases of every new product.

I don't do this a lot but when there's a new set out and I'm eager to see the cards, the video comes in handy when the cards aren't on store shelves near me.

Such was the case with this year's Allen & Ginter. The dude was opening a box of it and I thought I'd see what kind of interesting oddities waited for me.

What I got along with the cards was the usual "hate" from people who don't like, or don't get, Allen & Ginter. Perhaps "hate" is a bit strong of a word, although I've definitely seen it in regards to A&G, but the guy on the video emphasized four or five times on the video that "he was a baseball guy only."

Good. Great for you. There are eight other sets on store shelves at the moment I am writing this that are "baseball only." This one isn't. You want everything to go your way?

I understand that not every set is for everyone, but as an A&G fan, why do I have to hear someone call the non-sports cards in A&G "weirdo cards"? Why do I have to see the person opening them glide right over the non-sports cards with a dismissive "I don't know who this is" -- not even turning over the back of the card to, I don't know, maybe learn something? Why do I have to get all that attitude coming off the people who don't like the set? It sounds ignorant. And I hear it every single year.

I enjoy A&G every year because I never know what I'm going to find in it. It may not be as exciting as it was 10 years ago, but it's still better than pulling cards of Jose Abreu and Justin Bour in every set I open. Yes, I absolutely want to pull a card of an egg, because where else do you get to do that? Where else do you get that kind of whimsy?

Baseball is far and away my favorite sport but I can do without the "baseball-only" condescension. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Hide your eyes when people show it off or you walk into the card aisle. In short, move on.

Like with this post.

I found a single blaster of Allen & Ginter in Walmart today. The A&G section had been picked over pretty well, but there was one blaster shoved in the back. My day brightened from that point as the first purchase of A&G can often do.

That is your pack for 2019.

And here are the contents of the blaster:


#134 - Derek Jeter, Yankees

#233 - Cole Hamels, Cubs

#99 - Chris Sale, Red Sox

#GG-47 - Honus Wagner, Pirates, Ginter Greats insert

#141 - Miles Mikolas, Cardinals

That's the end of that pack. I was shorted a mini. I shook the open pack hoping a mini would drop out but all the pack wanted to give me was five cards. Not a good look, A&G.


#26 - Justin Verlander, Astros

#122 - Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Rangers

#375 - Pat Neshek, Phillies

#IE-10 - Achilles' Armor, Incredible Equipment insert

#CC-12 - English Springer Spaniel, Collectible Canines mini insert

#240 - Dee Gordon, Mariners

All right, the number I typed for the Pat Neshek card is not a typo. The short-print cards this year run from No. 351-400. That doesn't mean the set is 400 cards (I don't think). Apparently A&G has skipped Nos. 301-350. I have no idea why.

Although I'm a fan of A&G, stuff like this is annoying. You can't mess with the card numbering system. I've got a frankenset of A&G minis and anything I pull in the 351-400 range will not work in the frankenset (I absolutely am not expanding it to 400 cards).


#3 - Babe Ruth, Yankees

#298 - Ian Happ, Cubs

#38 - Lorenzo Cain, Brewers

#163 - Loretta Claiborne, Special Olympics athlete mini

#MS-11 - Clydesdale, Mares & Stallions insert

#55 - Evan Longoria, Giants

I wanted to learn a little bit more about Special Olympian Loretta Claiborne, but when I turned the card over ...

... it was an A&G back.

So I went to the friendly internet for information. It turns out Claiborne is a giant in the Special Olympics game and has had a movie made about her among many other notable achievements. But let's move on to the next card because who cares about an inspiring story when it's not baseball, right baseball-only guy?


#225 - Chris Drury, Blue Jays

#138 - Gary Carter, Expos (corner ding -- NOT COOL -- on one of the best cards out of the blaster)

#363 - Austin Meadows, Rays

#BSS-15 - Mike Trout, Angels, Baseball Star Signs insert

#393 - Alex Rodriguez, Mariners, mini insert

#156 - Vincent Stio, 10-year-old umpiring fan

Let's discuss this year's A&G design.

In short, it's fine. Nothing that thrills me but not poor either. I like how the subject fills the space on the card. I also like the old-time baseball stadium/field backdrops. There's an Olin Mills template feel to them, but it's a good look for the cards.


#6 - Luis Gonzalez, Diamondbacks

#237 - Carlos Santana, Indians

#GG-33 - Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles, Ginter Greats insert

#LOB8 - Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, Look Out Below mini insert

#254 - Charlie Morton, Rays

#66 - Roger Clemens, Blue Jays

I let out a groan when I pulled the Luis Gonzalez card. Please stop putting this guy in sets! Same with Roy Oswalt and Orlando Hernandez and any of the so-called "legends" who have barely retired. Players should be retired for 20 years before they return to cards as "legends." Fill their spot with a current player or  -- here's an idea -- some of the historical figures that used to be on display in Allen & Ginter back in the good old days.


#110 - Salvador Perez, Royals

#28 - Jose Altuve, Astros

#352 - Robin Yount, Brewers

#37 - Josh Hader, Brewers, black-border mini

#MS-1 - Arabian Horse, Mares & Stallions insert

#167 - Mayumi Seto, artist

Seto is the artist who draws the Topps Living Set cards, as well as some stuff for Topps Gallery and other sets. I haven't bought any Living Set cards and I'm not much for most art cards, but her work is impressive.


#209 - Ryan O'Hearn, Royals

#32 - Sandy Koufax, Dodgers (wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!)

#280 - Bryce Harper, Phillies, mini

#128 - Roger Maris, Yankees

#HOF-14 - Space Shuttle Discovery, History of Flight insert

#265 - Troy Tulowitzki, Yankees

This was the pack of the box. The Koufax, pulling the space shuttle card on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.


#103 - Johnny Bench, Reds

#227 - Touki Toussaint, Braves

#388 - Casey Stengel, Yankees

#75 - Brooks Robinson, Orioles, A&G-back mini

#BSS-29 - Kris Bryant, Cubs, Baseball Star Signs insert

#72 - Stephen Strasburg, Nationals

OK, that was a pretty run-of-the-mill Allen & Ginter blaster. No egg, no Emily Jaenson, no Tyler Kepner or Mike Oz, and just one Dodger.

But that's all I will complain about after a box opening that annually rates as one of the most intriguing of the year.

There is stuff to complain about with Allen & Ginter: it's not as exciting as it once was, it's erased much of the history from the base set (except for old players) and replaced it with no-name comedians, it's scaled back on the cards of places and things. It's a fact that it's not as interesting for me to collect as it once I was. I completed seven straight years of Allen & Ginter from 2008-14. I haven't completed any A&G set since.

But to complain every year about how it looks the same (there's only so much you can do to the design of A&G without losing the foundation of the set, which is paying tribute to a 100-year-old set) or how there's non-baseball players in the set (no duh!) is much more monotonous than anything that appears in A&G.

Years ago, I used to complain about Gypsy Queen every year. I didn't like it. It looked terrible. Then, I stopped buying it, and then I stopped writing about it. Because I realized, this set isn't for me. It will never change because I'm complaining about it. Why put myself through it?

Same with Allen & Ginter. It's never going to change. People like it too much.

So move on.


Adam said…
I'll freely admit, I'm not the biggest Ginter fan, that being said, these look like nice cards. I like the background and some of the inserts intrigue me, especially history of flight. I could see myself actually buying some of this.
I ordered up my Braves team set (minus the 3 SP's), due in any day now. I really don't have any qualms with A&G, but I'll grab any PC guys from the dime boxes as they soon will fill.
Paul Katcher said…
Thanks for posting so many images. The Babe Ruth, Gary Carter and Roger Maris ones look especially classic to me. I wonder of the issue changes aesthetically enough from year to year to keep my interest.
David Switzer said…
I used to love A&G when the non-sport in the base set were people I found interesting, but it's too heavy on people who are "famous on the internet" now, and that just doesn't appeal to me. Still, the non-sport inserts and minis like the space card are always fun. I guess I feel the same way about podcast hosts as you feel about Luis Gonzalez!
Old Cards said…
I was all set to dislike this post (like you said, "hate" is such a strong word), because I have never cared for A&G, but these cards are not bad, especially the Maris and the Bench. They look almost interesting. However, I only like the baseball cards. Sorry, did that sound condescending?
Stack22 said…
Vincent Stio seems like the type of kid that probably rats on his classmates at recess.

The Canine subset has my attention, I'm going to have to track down a checklist.
Nick said…
I may not admire A&G as much as I once did, but I'm always good for at least a pack or two of it. Opening A&G is still unlike anything else in the hobby these days -- and I like the old-timey backgrounds on this year's batch. I think my favorite out of the ones you got is the Casey Stengel. Can't remember the last time he popped up in a modern set.
Fuji said…
My two favorite cards from this year's A&G are both non-sports cards: Collectible Canines Mini Bernese Mountain Dog and The History of Flight SR-71.
Billy Kingsley said…
Ok, I'm going to need to chase that history of flight insert. I'll wait for a while so the "new must have it" fades off, then pick them off COMC, in theory. Achilles is great too.
I'm generally not one for fauxbacco cards, just because I'm not one for real tobacco cards. A&G is one of those sets where I'll buy just a pack or two. Most years, I don't buy any. I was prepared to ignore this year's A&G, but I was surprised to find that I like the look of this year's cards. I *really* like The History Of Flight. I might just buy some Ginter this weekend.

Jeter. Derek Effin' Jeter. Will there ever be a time when I can open a pack of cards knowing I have no chance of pulling a Jeter?

Matt said…
I really like those backgrounds, especially on the cards like Altuve and Mikolas where there's an old-timey player behind them.
Nick Vossbrink said…
I'm trying to figure out if there are enough different backgrounds to make this set look okay all paged up.
Section 36 said…
It always seemed to me that if you buy a pack of A&G and then complain about non-baseball subjects, then you need to research what you're buying before the purchase. I don't buy a pack of basketball cards, or Star Wars cards, or Marvel cards and then complain that the set is trash because there aren't any baseball players in it and I'm a baseball guy. I will say that, as mentioned before, the "celebrity" cards seem like they could be done better. Either actual celebrities, or the obscure people who should be celebs. Internet "stars" don't really count.
This year's A&G design is decent. I prefer the 2017 and 2018 cards with the splashes of color in the background rather than full-bleed images.

To add onto your point, I too get sick and tired of people complaining about Allen & Ginter. Topps produces dozens of sets, so if you don't like A&G, just spend your money on something else.
Captain Honkass said…
Picked up a Blaster today, and actually liked it more than last years. (But it does need more Monster Trucks and Planets...) Happy to see there's at least a couple Expos in it for me to look for. That Carter is sweet!
Defenders50 said…
I'm still not quite sure I *get* what A&G is going for, but that's fine because as you said, not everything has to be for me.
Also, how far has Brandon Drury's star fallen in the last 2 years!

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