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It's too shiny to blog

I've been home the last couple of days from various vacation jaunts but it's still a bit difficult -- even for me -- to get back into a blogging state of mind.

Although I live to write, and what else better to write about than baseball cards, the weather is just too nice to sit in a chair and type away at a laptop. I will never be a beach person or a rock-climbing person or a ride-my-motorcycle person, but the summertime definitely does call when it's 75 degrees with no humidity and that sun -- oh, that sun -- is so, so, shiny.

Just take a look at my blog stats over the last eight years or so:

If you are to believe Blogger, July isn't the greatest month for readership. It's definitely not the worst (I'm going to credit the annual release of Allen & Ginter for that), but it's rarely one of the peak months. May and October seem to be when readership climbs.

Looking at the July 2019 stats is a bit alarming -- fewest views in years -- but keep in mind, the month isn't over yet. It still won't be a well-viewed month, but I understand that.

Since July 1st, I've noticed a dip in views for each post even from last month (except when I go on a rant). And that's because it's so damn shiny outside!

How are you going to look at a back-lit screen when you're outdoors? How are you going to see that? I get it.

Look at the Corey Seager "Glassworks" box topper that I featured at the top of the post. Doesn't that fit perfectly with the summer theme in the background? That's because it's so shiny, just like the month of July.

I received that oversized card recently from Chris of Nachos Grande. It's a box topper from 2018 Gypsy Queen. It's a shade larger than postcard size and it's much sturdier and very captivating.

I don't think the scan does it justice. You'll probably have to scroll back up to the picture of the card sitting among the plant life for the best possible effect. It's at home among all the shiny stuff.

Chris also sent me another shiny card, this one regulation size:

It's funny how I never buy Gypsy Queen or Panini Donruss but they make some of the best fringe cards on the market.

All right, that's all I've got for today.

No grumbling. Go outside and enjoy the shiny.

(Programming note: I have updated the Allen & Ginter nonbaseball cards list for the 2019 set. Enjoy).


steelehere said…
Love the Russians comment.

I may not comment every day but I go to your blog once a day around 5-6pm PST to see if a new post has appeared.
Nachos Grande said…
I love those Glass Works cards but alas there were no Reds in the set. I think I wrote in the package that I figured you'd enjoy the card even more than I do seeing as how it was a Dodger. I also like your blog stats - I'm hovering around 50% of the average views that you get each month. Interestingly enough (to me anyhow), my single largest month in terms of blog views was July 2013 where I had over 51,000 visits.
Fuji said…
The Gypsy Queen Glassworks box toppers are so beautiful. Can't think of a shinier baseball card out there. By the way... was your Russian spike in December 2016? If so, I had a similar one on my blog as well.
Defenders50 said…
That is a nice card. Okay- back to outside!
Sean said…
Your blog is big in Russia? Mine too!
Adam Kaningher said…
I know my writing goes way down during the summer. Reading follows a similar pattern.
Over the 2 ish years that I've been blogging, I've considered August the worst month for views and comments. On a more positive note, that Seager Glassworks box topper is epic. I have a blue one of Anthony Rizzo from the same year. One of the best parts of my Cub collection.

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