Sunday, July 8, 2012

C.A.: 2004 Topps 100th Anniversary of the Fall Classic 1930 World Series insert

(You have reached the end of Cardboard Appreciation Week. I hope you have enjoyed the variety of cards displayed in the past week. I tried to mix them up as there are so many different cards worth honoring. And, here for one last time -- until next week -- is Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 153rd in a series):

Wow ... another card with a monstrous title. I've got to keep my collecting to pre-1990s issues.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Because I am adding another insert series to my addiction.

I used to steer clear of insert series. They didn't interest me (most of them still don't) and I viewed them simply as a money grab by card companies (I still do). But I've lightened up a little bit, probably because Topps has found my weaknesses.

First it came out with tales of the game, and then it came out with glow-in-the-dark night cards, and then it came out with '75-style minis. And now I'm so addicted to certain insert sets that only a darkened room and a morphine drip will cure me.

The latest quest is the 2004 Topps Anniversary of the Fall Classic set. I thought this set was fascinating the instant I pulled this particular card out of a pack in '04 (one of only a handful I bought that year). World Series program covers have always interested me -- so much so that I sent away for the programs when the Dodgers were in the World Series in the late '70s, back when I was a kid.

Some may consider the set boring, because it doesn't feature a player. But I like it because it celebrates history, period art and memorabilia. Good stuff.

I have only four cards in the set (six if you count the two in my Dodgers collection). I have no idea how many cards are in the set -- 100, I'm guessing? -- but I know I have some work to do. I recently tried to pick up the 1950 World Series card off of Listia, but because I don't live my life around my computer, I missed out on it in the final hour or so.

I don't have a want list up, but I'll get to it. Throw me your cards if you don't like them.

Truthfully, I'm a little scared to take on this challenge. The card displayed here was the most difficult card to scan that I have ever encountered in my three-plus years of doing this. In fact, there is now a little nick at the top of the card suffered during my frustration with my scanner (my scanner makes me want to torch orphanages).

But I will press on, because ... well, because card collecting beats the bloomers off whacking a little white ball all over a freakishly green lawn for four hours.

Long live the best hobby of all-time.


  1. Those are some extremely nice inserts. I haven't come across many over the years, but I always keep my eye out for them at card shows or wherever.

    Like you said, there's a lot of baseball history packed into these.

  2. Some may consider the set boring, because it doesn't feature a player. But I like it because it celebrates history, period art and memorabilia. Good stuff.

    Could not agree more, fantastic set.

  3. Since I left the hobby in 2003 and the Rangers weren't on one, I've never seen those. They are quite nice. Comments like that about orphanages are going to get you on some kind of gov. watchlist!