Tuesday, July 3, 2012

C.A.: 2003 Sweet Spot Patches Hideo Nomo

(Thanks for tuning into Cardboard Appreciation Week. Did you know that today is "Disobedience Day"? It is. Unfortunately, it takes place during the summer. When school is out of session. I suppose you could act up on your mother or father. But I'm a little old for that. So, I'll just "disobey" by ignoring what I'm supposed to be doing right now and post a baseball card. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 148th in a series):

My Hideo Nomo patch card would like your attention.

In fact, it COMMANDS your attention.

With its shiny gold borders (I swear, they are shiny gold -- my scanner is jealous of shiny gold), and its bold No. 10, and its vibrant blue and red stitching, it demands that you take notice.

And I do. I'm not even going to make fun of its super-tiny photo of Nomo.

I received this card from Dennis of Too Many Verlanders. It was a very nice offer on his part. I don't come across cards like this very often because I don't travel in "patch circles." But every time I get my hands on a card like this, I think ...

"Oh! So this is what the big deal is."

It just looks SO impressive. Almost like looking at gold inlaid watch or a gold accented pocket knife. It's sophisticated. Exclusive. I feel a little more important owning this card.

I know it's a manupatch and not a jersey patch. But that doesn't matter. When I see this, I can ignore all the things that I normally complain about with modern cards. Obsession on gold foil and stitching. Not enough emphasis on the photo. All of this disappears with a whiff of this card, and suddenly I'm Dick Enberg, and it's "Oh, my!"

The feeling wears off eventually, which is good, because I can't afford to have that feeling on a regular basis. Patch cards cost too much, no matter how ridiculous they look.

And Dennis did send me some regular-type cards, too, just so I will not forget my roots.

A shiny, early Chan Ho Park card from 1994 SP. It appears there are ghostly figures in the background. Spooky.

I had long-ago crossed off the last of my 2001 Upper Deck Dodger needs without ever knowing that there was someone named Kole Strayhorn wearing a Dodger uniform in that set.

He sure seems to like himself. And what's not to like? The back says "he hopes to continue his success and one day follow in the footsteps of the Dodgers' great pitchers."

Well, at least you made this blog, sir.

I cannot turn down a Dodger card of The King, even though the back says that he's now a fan of the Orioles and the Mets. Then why do I see you sitting in Dodger Stadium, Larry?

Dennis also sent a mess of Adrian Beltre cards. As well as Gagnes, Karim Garcias, and all those other guys that people used to accumulate back in the late '90s.

He also sent this card:

My first autographed John Ely card.

You don't hear much about Ely anymore. He's doing pretty well in Triple A right now, but I haven't heard anything about him returning to the Dodgers.

This card makes me feel a little bit self-important. But not as much as the Nomo Patch card.

In fact, let's see that thing again.

(*Sniff*) I'm much fancier than you.


  1. Rest easy. The strayhorn is from a set called 'prospect premieres' and not the flagship ud set.

  2. I'm going to steal that image and photoshop Michael Young over Nomo. So there.