Monday, July 23, 2012

Group breakers and card traders

A couple of relative newbies to the group-break hosting experience are teaming up to offer a two-for deal. Join Fantastic Catch's group break, and get a buck off of joining Crackin' Wax's group break.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

And I know what you're saying.

So how come you're not joining then?

Well, nosy Nelly, not that's it's any of your business, but I'm reserving my card money for very specific card wants at the moment. I can't say more than that. It will all become clear in the weeks to come. But right now, I just don't have any extra cash for group breaks.

What? You have another question?

When am I going to host a group break?

Ho-ho! What a question! I don't ever plan to host a group break. I have too many expectations and demands on me as it is. Ain't no way I'm going to be responsible for people's card gambling habits. Plus, you have never seen "please join my group break" begging night owl-style. It would be so ugly that you'd invent a time machine to return you to 1842 when there were not only no internets but there were no moving pictures period.

However, you will be happy to know that I am NOT above showing cards I received from the two previously mentioned group breakers.

The first cards came from the most recent group break that I joined. I made an exception for Crackin' Wax because he turned the break into a bingo game and I was feeling my inner grandma that particular day and jumped at the chance (not to mention that I won the first version of BoBuBingo way back when).

I didn't get to scream BINGO! this time, but I did have all my gnomes and trolls and sparkly charms spread out all around me as I played -- and now that I didn't win, they're have all been cast into the fireplace because they're NOT LUCKY AT ALL.

But let's see the Allen & Ginter Dodgers I received from my non-winnings, mmmK?

Mr. Dee up at the top of the post was one of the A&G cards. Here's another of Loney-Still-On-The-Team.

I don't know about you, but I get really defensive when I hear an opposing team's announcer disparage a player on my team. It's fine if the least knowledgeable Dodger fan says that Loney is having a terrible year. But to listen to the Mets' Gary Cohen say that Loney is having a horrible year makes me want to hop a bus to Queens and bum rush the Citi Field press box.

Loney is OURS Cohen! Why don't you pick on Ike "let me flail at another pitch" Davis??

(P.S.: I actually like Gary Cohen and wish he was announcing for the Dodgers).

Having players like Federowicz in Allen & Ginter tarnishes the A&G name. There, I said it. But it's true. Topps can't even find more than two shots of Federowicz to put in all of its products. Go ahead, find a photo from Topps in which Federowicz is not wearing sunglasses. It doesn't exist. Because he's played so few games as a Dodger that he doesn't DESERVE TO BE IN ALL THESE SETS.

(I sure am writing in all caps a lot lately).

A fine-looking card and a pointless insert of Duke Snider. According to the back, Snider's mom preferred "Ed Snider," but his dad bestowed him with the name of "Duke." I don't know how factual this is. If I cared, I'd do some research. But this insert set makes me not care. Something about it being a 100 cards wide.

Still a nice-looking card.

Ah, you can tell that I've moved on to the cards from Fantastic Catch. You catch on fast.

Here is a card of Aaron Harang pitching in a gold rainstorm. I think these parallels are some sort of commentary on how much major league baseball players get paid.

Javy Guerra is looking very gangsta in his diamond and cristal champagne cards.

But he's going to have to pitch better than he did Sunday afternoon. I can't bear to think how many years I'll lose off my life if I have to watch some members of the Dodgers bullpen perform this postseason.

Ending with the best.

I love these Bowman's Best tributes. I can't say nothing bad about them, and I can't say nothing bad about my favorite player.

Cards like this are why I'm happy to promote Fantastic Catch's group break. And Crackin' Wax's, too.

So, if you're so inclined, please join and get some nice cards.

Just don't pull any cool Dodgers.

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  1. Yes everybody please join! And thanks for promoting me Greg. Also, thanks for the awesome trade.