Thursday, July 19, 2012

Uh ...

I've run into a brick wall with about five different post ideas today, so you're getting a rambling, housekeeping type post while I regroup.

For starters, is anyone really happy with this A&G Troy Tulowitzki card? The fog is eating his cap, consuming his glove and has already devoured his left foot. This is not a baseball card, it's a horror movie scene.

And while I can't get off of Allen & Ginter, someone explain this to me:

I have three of this card. That seems odd because the Matt Garza card is No. 347, which means it's a short-print. Yet, I have more of it than any other card in the set.

I know there's a mathematical reason for this -- something to do with probability and other stuff that made me realize how much I detested math when I was in high school -- but I refuse to think about such things anymore.

I'm just puzzled by why I still need a regular ol' base card of, say, I don't know, Kate Upton, but the card gods are throwing me short-printed Garza cards as if they're '91 Donruss.

Speaking of which, I have finally gotten around to listing my needs for Allen & Ginter. It's probably going to be altered pretty quickly because Nachos Grande must kill ... er, obtain the Queen card. But after that, it's open season on my want list.

OK, now I'm off of Allen & Ginter and on to the plugging portion of the post.

It just goes from bad to worse, doesn't it?

This card is here to let you know that The Angels In Order has expanded into a blog featuring the bizarre 1995 Skybox E-Motion set. It's called -- succinctly -- 1995 Skybox E-Motion.

Silly me, I never knew there was a hyphen between the E and the M in the set name. Here I was pondering about how "twisting" could be an "emotion," when the card set was stressing "motion" all the time. But what was the "E" for? And "pondering" is neither an emotion OR a motion. I find '90s sets so weird and confusing.

In fact, I don't even know why I'm mentioning the set, as I already have the Nomo card being offered -- Angels in Order sent it to me! But don't let me influence you -- go see the wacky cards!

One more plug and I'm done.

If you read High Heat Stats faithfully, you know that there is a book sale going on over there.

"The Hall of Nearly Great" is an assemblage of articles by premier baseball writers, each of whom devote their writing to a specific past player who was very good, but maybe/probably/possibly isn't Hall of Fame material. Well, maybe they are, but the point is, none of the players in the book are in the Hall.

However, this book doesn't wail, gnash and get in your face about whether they DESERVE to be in the Hall. Its intention is to feature players who were actually quite fantastic but may be forgotten because their careers weren't trumpeted like those in the Hall.

You might want to purchase the book. Hell, I might want to purchase the book, just because Ron Cey is one of the Nearly Great featured.

(OK, I wasn't asked to write for the book -- not even the Ron Cey chapter, even though I've only followed him since I was 9. But I think they were looking for folks who could speak sabermetrically, and I'd just be pretending).

Lastly, a reminder that the One-Card Challenge is still chugging along.

I've kind of let it roam free on its own but it's still getting some sets completed.

Kyle4KC finished off his 2011 Topps Chrome set through the One-Card Challenge. Jeff Wilk wrapped up 2012 Topps Series 1 through the OCC. Some other people probably also got their final card for a set through OCC, but haven't commented on the OCC post (I encourage you to do so).

I thought I'd repeat some of the recent requests here to see if I can get some more action going.

Bo needs the Brett Boone card from 1992 Upper Deck (#771), as well as the 1988 Donruss Rookies checklist (#56) and the 1987 Fleer Update checklist (#132).

The Dutch Card Guy needs #94 from 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces, which is the Ryne Sandberg SP card.

And, of course, I'm still looking for the 2004 All-Time Fan Favorites Don Mattingly card (#10).

If you have any of these cards or other cards mentioned in the OCC comments, get in contact with these people. Or contact me and I can put you in contact with them.

So, there you are, a Seinfeldian post about nothing.

And I don't even know how to end this thing.

Nothing is working today.


  1. Thanks for the plug. As you may have noticed, I wasn't asked to write a contribution to the book either!

  2. Who is the Jack@ss trying to corner the market on the Matt Garza Shortprint. They aren't available anywhere.

  3. I picked up a blaster in Illinois and got the Tulo card. All of the horizontal view cards are terrible.

    No Garza but got Mantle, Ruth, Bench, Mattingly and Seaver ! And two Harper rookies.

  4. You have 3 Garza's for the same reason I have 4 Strasburg Gypsy Queen SP variations - the "WTF principal".

  5. At the Hall of Very Good Site ( we are doing something very similar, though a lot more interesting, focusing on players who aren't in the Hall but still special to that writer. Contributors have ranged from Sam Fuld and Jeff Montgomery to card bloggers like Steve from Greatest 21 Days and yours truly. If you haven't checked it out, you should. (And if you want to write a piece I'd bet you'd be welcome!)