Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These aren't mere minis, these are miinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss!!!!!!!!!!

I am pretty sure that there are boxes and packs, and packs and boxes, of 2012 Allen & Ginter sitting about three miles from my home.

Here's the problem.

I have a mortgage and bills and a child and a paycheck that doesn't arrive until Thursday. I can't make up an "errand" to run or suddenly "find myself" in Target (that's an unfortunate phrase) without having to explain my scenario when I return home.

This is married life, chaps and chapettes. Cling to your "I got nothin' ta do, I think I'll wander over to Walmart for the eighth time this week and see what's in the card aisle" days while you can.

In another fun feature of Existence in the American Family, I'll probably be missing out on Gint-a-Cuffs for the first time in four years. Prices on certain necessities are going to increase in coming months and I'm going to need the cash for other things besides a box of cards that contains "hits" of Mike Morse, Brandon Morrow and Marlon Byrd (I am positive that those would be my hits if I did buy a box).

This does not mean I am souring on Allen & Ginter. I still think it's phenomenal. I'll still probably buy some stuff at the end of the week. I'll still show it on the blog after you've seen it 56 times from other sources. And I'll still desperately try to find something to say that nobody else has said before.

I'll still rejoice over the minis (the black borders look questionable though this year), and the minis will still be the reason I'm buying A&G a year after it's out.

But Allen & Ginter minis will always be my second favorite minis.

Because, really, they're just "minis." That's all.


They are not ...


Yep, someone done gone an' knocked off some mur cards off that there Lineage '75 minis want list.

This was another part of my Check Out My Cards package that also had the Kershaws that I featured the other day.

Wait, I forgot a couple:


Good gosh that's glorious fun!

With these wonderful, colorful minnniiiiiiiiiiissss, I am just 26 cards away from completing the entire Lineage mini set.

Since I'm not sinking a boatload of money into Allen & Ginter this year, and have pretty much shunned Heritage, Gypsy Queen, Bowman and Topps base the first 7 months of 2012, I should be able to procure those fairly quickly.

Wow. Wait until I complete the entire set. They're going to have to call the cops on this blog.

But back to the present. I didn't stop there with the package.

No sir.

As you may know, I am also going for the real thing. The actual 1975 Topps minis set. Because, really, I am not well.

In my unstable state, I dug up a few more actual '75 minis.


I really love looking at those.

But I've given up on lining up cards on my scanner. It's impossible on this thing. So Gary Gentry is just going to have to look like he spotted the girl of his dreams in the stands and fainted backward in mid-windup, right into Ed Kirkpatrick. Ed will understand.

In fact, my crooked cards might make for future interesting blog scenarios. Looking forward to that.

Oh, wait, I forgot some more again ...


Phew! These cards are tiring me out!

Each one of the original '75 minis that I acquired this time around are cards that I saw back in 1975, my first year of collecting, as a 9 years old. I really only saw maybe about 250 cards from the Topps set that year -- it's not like you could view them anywhere else you know -- so the cards that I did see are super special.

These players may not mean much to you if you weren't old enough to experience this time period. In fact, some of you probably stopped paying attention when I stopped writing about 2012 cards, but that's OK. Your loss.

(I like it when I'm at work, and we're discussing something, say something from 1999, and some bright-eyed newby who is like 20 years younger than everyone else, pipes up and says rather smugly, "I was NINE in 1999." Well congratulations, ma'am. You have missed out on just about everything great that has ever happened in life).

The 1975 minis will always be the best minis -- nay, the best CARDS -- that have ever been created.

Nothing, not even the great Allen & Ginter minis, can compare.

Here, I have one more '75 mini to show from the package.

Shall I list all of the things this card has that an Allen & Ginter mini does not?

I shall.

It has an orgy of color. Blue and red -- several different shades of red, in fact -- and PEACH, for crying out loud!

It has a quirky, fantastic font.

It has -- duh -- FLOATING HEADS. TONS of them!

It's insanely miscut. But it doesn't matter because ALL cards were like that back then.

A&G minis may be fun.

But '75 minis are like The Fun Providers, Incorporated. They're entertainment from the gods. I've been crazy for these cards for 37 years now. A&G is going on five.

So, continue to show all of your Allen & Ginter stuff. I'll be watching, commenting, and even drooling a time or two.

I'll catch up, and you can bet I'll ooh and aah over some things I found.

But always know ...

My heart is in '75.


  1. That Lineage Palmer is a really sweet looking card.

    The Ed Kirkpatrick squatting pose is kind of cool but nothing beats Dick Allen's floating head.

  2. 75 ever. That might be a world record for floating heads on a mini.

  3. The Ernie McAnally was the first 1975 mini I ever owned. It was before I was aware that he was in the Unfortunate Name Hall of Fame. So I imagine it was somewhere around 1983 that I procured that card.

  4. p.s. "Dick Allen's floating head" sounds like the dirtiest sex scandal of 1973.

  5. Haha, I loved this post...I'm not thinking about A&G at all anymore.