Sunday, October 16, 2011

Perhaps the only pack of 2011 Topps Update that I'll buy

One of the best aspects of having a card show to go to in October is that I can usually find the latest version of Topps Update at one of the dealer's tables.

I haven't been interested in collecting Update/U&H/Traded, since 2006. By the time it comes out, there are usually other sets that hold my interest, and at this time of year, I can't afford to start purchasing multiple sets. So, the card show comes in handy. I just go through the Update binder and pluck whatever Dodgers I see and that's just about it for Update for the rest of the year.

This weekend, I managed to find six Dodgers from Update, which you'll see tomorrow. That leaves me with just six base Dodgers remaining. It's six instead of seven, because I did buy a single pack of Update before I went to the show and the first card that greeted me was the Jamey Carroll card above.

It's so good of Topps to get a tattooed Diamondback in the picture with Carroll in a failed attempt to ruin the card for me. Gee golly, I'll bet that's Ryan Roberts. Let's hear about how he tattooed his feet again. I can't get enough of seeing that ink addict.

Anyway, I'm probably not going to press my luck after the Dodger pull by buying more Update packs. I know there are hope sparkles and cognac sparkles and all those diamond references (can't wait for the cubic zerconia parallel). But I'm still questing for A&G and Lineage minis. And then the gift-buying madness begins, leaving cards in the dust.

This could be the only pack of Update I buy this year. It's possible some stray packs may find their way in the cart while Christmas shopping, but if they don't, I won't be surprised.

So why not commemorate the only pack I buy by revealing the rest of the pack here? You've already seen the first card. You must be absolutely beside yourself with anticipation after that.

OK, then, here's the rest of the Update excitement:

#US295 - Wilson Ramos, Nationals

Cards of Nationals are reminders that I shouldn't buy packs of any set that I am not trying to complete. Owning Nationals is useless to me. I don't know who they are, I can't trade them, and they just anger me that the Expos don't exist anymore.

#US135 - Grant Balfour, A's

Last I knew, Balfour was the lone irritating Tampa Bay Ray. He sneakily moved all the way on the other side of the country without me noticing.

#US328 - Kevin Gregg, Orioles

Can't say I've heard one good thing about Gregg from the fans of the teams for which he's pitched. Stay far away from the Dodgers, sir.

#US39 - Eduardo Sanchez, Cardinals

We go to the card back to learn about a guy that I didn't know existed until I pulled this card:

"He would go 2-1 with a 1.88 ERA and five saves in 25 first-half outings," it says.

A look at baseball-reference says that Sanchez had only one second-half outing.

#US322 - Fernando Martinez, Mets

Martinez has played a bunch of games for minor league teams in Binghamton and Buffalo, two towns that I've called home. I don't know what he's doing in the picture. He's hit only one home run for the Mets. That was in 2009.

#TTU-25 Gio Gonzalez, A's

Toppstown returns. What else am I supposed to say?

#10 - Stephen Strasburg, Nationals, cognac sparkle parallel

This guy is still following me around. I've pulled three different parallels of him this year. By the way, the cognac parallels do not look as nauseating in person as they do scanned. But I have no idea who would try to complete a whole set of these.

#US86 - Rafael Furcal, Cardinals

This card just reminds me that there is a team still alive in the postseason that is really no better than the Dodgers, Furcal's former team. Furcal, you lucky, injury-prone stiff.

#US302 - Alex Torres, Rays

Torres pitched in four games this year. And he gets a card. Kenley Jansen appeared in 51 games. And he gets zip.

#US146 - Jordan Walden, Angels

Still not crazy about these All-Star cards, particularly the backs, which are pointless. But these are a lot better than five years ago when Topps would strip that ugly yellow police tape across each all-star card.

#US31 - Curtis Granderson, Yankees

Still enjoying the non-Yankee ALCS/World Series immensely.

Which reminds me ...

Go Brewers!!!!

I have no more comments about this set. We've been talking about it for 10 months now.

So I'll just go and look at my card show purchases. If you need me, I'll be the guy with the giant smile on my face.


  1. I decided that I just wanted the Mets cards this year, so I'm shopping for Topps Update on eBay. I've gotten the base cards, one of the two relics & one of the two Kimball Champions cards for under $10. Two shortprints, one relic, one Kimball to go. :)

  2. my condolances on toppstown - they are not 1 per pack in Update so you got bad luck.

    Too bad you didn't pull the Heath Bell all-star card or the carlos beltran horrible photoshop card. ;)

  3. Is Grant Balfour invisible-projectile vomiting? Don't drink and pitch, kids...

  4. Jamey Carroll gave my 4 year old a baseball and signed it on the last game of the regular season. He made a little girl real happy.

  5. Smiling huh? I want to know why. As long as it's card related that is.

  6. Balfour is just yelling in celebration that he struck out Derek Jeter.

    He certainly isn't drinking and pitching as that is the Red Sox that do that, not the Athletics. ;)

  7. If you end up deciding that you want any of the parallels, I might end up with a few. Check in Thursday or so. Friday at the latest since I'm off from work.