Monday, October 31, 2011

Orange cards ... that's Halloweenish, right?

This year is the first year that my daughter will not be trick-or-treating since she was a baby. And there goes my only reason for recognizing Halloween.

I do like the holiday, mostly because I really should be 499 pounds and I dearly love chocolate. I also like seeing the little kids running around in their costumes and orange glow-in-the-dark flashlights. I live in a neighborhood that is a trick-or-treating mecca. People practically bus kids in from the country to go trick-or-treating where I live. There are rugrats everywhere.

But that's about the extent of my holiday revelry. I haven't dressed up in a costume since I was 12 (I don't count what passed for clothing in the '80s). And I don't get horror films. I am never in the mood to be freaked out or repulsed. So that just wastes my time.

Without a kid to shuffle from house to house on the only day when it's socially acceptable to beg for food, I'll just head to work, where you wipe away the holiday spirit (and any other general good feelings) at the door. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh no, I've bummed out the Halloween lovers.

I feel bad now.

I don't want to leave you standing there in your grease paint and pillow case candy bag without anything. It's a very fine costume. Really. Very scary. You must've worked very hard on it.

Here are some orange cards for your trouble. They arrived from Andy of Community Gum. They're from the 1990 Score Traded set. I spent most of my adult life not even aware that Score had a traded set in 1990. The cards were orange and I didn't even know. I'm so sheltered.

But people have seen orange cards on Halloween before -- '88 Donruss Baseball's Best is big on this holiday. So, I'll just show what else came from Community Gum. Hopefully that'll keep anyone from teepeeing the house.

Some Topps 206 Dodgers from 2002. Collectors have a good deal of affection for this set. I don't. Not because I don't like it or anything. I just wasn't collecting then. I was probably videotaping (yes, videotaping) my daughter trick-or-treating in her bunny costume.

Mastercatcher!!!! The current-and-much-larger Mike Scioscia is, of course, the Angels manager and this wouldn't be a Dodger blog if I didn't mention how he could have been the Dodgers manager a long time ago. But we're letting that go so I can mention that this is my first Stadium Club Master Photo. Again, it's something I didn't know exist at the time. Probably because I was never a member of the Stadium Club. Clubs and I don't get along. Something about membership forms and hazings.

OK, we're in modern times now. You remember that Finest break I was in that refused to acknowledge that the Dodgers existed?

Well, Andy and John took pity on me and had some Dodgers available from their Finest break. Cool sparkly stuff. like this Andre Ethier one.

And this one of the soon-to-be-named National League MVP. Terrific card.

And, lastly, this sour-apple green refractor of future star Jerry Sands. Isn't that cool?

I'm still upset that there doesn't appear to be any blue refractors in Finest this year (not like I have a shot at any of them). But this card puts me in mind of 1994 Finest, which, as you know, is very, very green. And I love that year of Finest a whole bunch. So I can't say that I don't enjoy this card to the fullest extent that you can legally enjoy a card.

Of course, green isn't a Halloween color. That's another holiday coming up. That's draining all my money.

But I'm bumming you out on the holiday again.

Enjoy the night.

Don't eat all your kid's candy.


  1. Man, trick or treating used to be fun. Everyone went out in their flammable plastic costumes with the cheap mask held on by some thin white rubber band thing.

    Now nobody around here goes trick or treating - we'll see if we get more than the two groups we had last year. And in suburban Georgia it was worse, because the kids were too lazy to walk from house to house, and all the freaked-out moms insisted their kids go to some church-sponsored "safe" fall festival instead. Bleh, I miss the 80s. (And I'm not talking about the big hair and acid washed jeans.)

  2. Love that Scioscia card, and I did not know Aase had a Dodger card. I need to find me that card for my "guys who played for both Angels and Dodgers" collection!

    We have up years and down years with the trick-or-treaters. It doesn't help that we're a bit rural here, and no sidewalk, but some years we have lots of kids, other years we have nobody at all. Seems like it's related to how much candy we buy in preparation. The more candy I buy, the fewer kids come!

  3. Were those Master Cards from the Club or were they like a box topper card. I thought they were box toppers.

  4. i believe the master photos came separately, if i recall.