Thursday, October 13, 2011

I knew this day would come

Back in the feverish, exciting early days of Topps Lineage, before we realized that the '75 minis were the only thing worth pursuing from the set and that we may have witnessed the worst card backs ever created, I grabbed a bunch of Lineage from a card shop in Buffalo and pulled this autograph redemption.

As I mentioned on this post, this redemption could be very good or very bad. Very good because Randy Jackson was a third baseman for the Dodgers in the mid-to-late '50s. Very bad because Jackson was also a third baseman for the Cubs in the early '50s.

I was rooting for a Jackson autograph featuring him as a Dodger, because I can count the number of Dodger hits I've pulled in my life on the hand of Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown. But I knew in the back of my mind that Jackson would appear as a Cub because:

1. The old-timer autos in Lineage are on the '52 Topps design and Jackson was a Cub in the '52 Topps set.
2. I'm just not that lucky.

As if to confirm my suspicions, gritz76 said this in the comments of that post:

Well, Jackson has arrived. About a month earlier than I expected.

And ...

He's a Cub.


The weird thing about it is that the day after the card arrived, gritz76 posted on his blog for the first time in months. It's like the devil arriving out of nowhere because he knew it was time to collect a debt. It'd be kind of creepy except that there's really nothing creepy about a Cubs fan. Sad, yes. But not creepy.

So, Chris, the card is yours. That is if you've had enough time to scare up some Dodgers.

I wish I could say it's an impressive card. But except for the signature -- which is very cool -- it isn't. The card is as thin and from the same stock as all the other Lineage cards. I was hoping it'd be on something a little sturdier.

I've pulled only two redemptions in my entire collecting history. One was a Red and another a Cub.

I know that's only two of 30 teams. But I'm still due a Dodger.


  1. Yo Dawg....I thought this post was going to be about me, Dawg!

    Guess I'll go back to judging the wannabe-idols.

    -Randy Jackson

  2. Sorry it didn't turn out to be a Dodger card, but it's still nice. I mean, look at the cute little bear. Or something.

  3. Hey, I don't know if you saw, but I pulled a Bobby Morgan auto from Lineage, it's about half way down this post:

    If you have any interest and some Astros cards for a swap, I'd be willing to trade it!

  4. Send it my way! I still need a bit to get my side even but the local card show is nearing, and I should be able to scare something up then. And yes, we are a very sad bunch!