Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The at-bat that never ends

Hey! Any Cesar Geronimo fans out there?


Well, too bad. I had a post idea fall through tonight. That's super deadly with the time schedule that I have. I don't have anything else in "research and development" that I can finish off quickly. Therefore, you get Cesar Geronimo this morning.

Geronimo is the longtime member of the Big Red Machine, who had a great glove and a modest bat. But I'm referring to the Royals version of Geronimo. The Twilight Of His Career Geronimo.

I featured his first Royals card a day or so ago in the "Look! Similar Photos!" post.

The Geronimo '81 Topps Traded card looks a lot like the Geronimo '82 Topps card.

Could be the same at-bat. Could be the same game.

But then I was looking through my '83 Topps set and came across the Geronimo card there.

Are we still talking the SAME AT-BAT?

I have my doubts. It's probably not even the same game. But, damn, those are some similar photos.

And what a crazy mustache Geronimo developed in his later years.

I need to make that into a pog or something.

Anyway, for curiosity's sake, and to fill out the final 17 seconds of free time I have before I hit the sack, I checked out Geronimo's 1984 Topps card, his final Topps card.

Would Geronimo be frozen in time forever at the plate? Still swinging in a continuous loop, while we're left to wonder when -- WHEN -- will we ever know if he made contact? Will the at-bat EVER END?

Phew! What a relief. He's off to first base.

Must've made contact.

Although he doesn't appear to be too happy about it.

Great mustache.

Even if it looks fake.

OK, that's all the time I've got.

Geronimo's out of here.

And so am I.


  1. The Reds weren't allowed to have facial hair in the 1970s. Obviously he was trying to make up for lost time.

  2. You're right, the same fencing is behind him for 3 years. He must've fouled off a lot of pitches to stay up there that long ;-)

    You actually just got me to look at his old cards... wow, I never seen him without a mustache!