Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday shiny

It's Saturday and I'm busy. Busy with non-work things for once.

So, I'm just going to show some shiny cards that I obtained from Offy at Sports Syzygy. He busted a case of Topps Chrome, and like the little bottom-feeder that I am, I nabbed a few Chrome Dodgers for my collection.

I sure do love shiny -- I don't think I'll ever stop saying that. And here is the shiny shimmery I wanted most of all:

Those are the Chrome Heritage cards of possibly the best two-man team in recent baseball history. Is it possible to win ballgames with just two players? Kershaw and Kemp may have come the closest to doing that.

I am still puzzled by the Heritage cards that appear in Chrome and the Chrome cards that appear in Heritage. I'm assuming they all belong to the same set. If I had the time to do some research, I'd probably know for sure.

But if they're from the same set, why do the Heritage Chrome cards that come in Heritage packs feature chrome with a pebbly background?

Like so:

The Chrome Heritage cards coming out of Chrome don't have that pebbled background -- thank goodness.

But Saturday isn't for answering confusing card questions.

It's for viewing even more shiny!

Those are all refractors of a future star, a superstar, a please-one-day-be-a-star, a former top prospect, potential trade bait, and some team take him please.

As is Offy's generous custom, he threw in a few Dodger inserts, parallels and SPs, (including the Beltre Hard Hats card at the top of the post) from about a decade ago. That, of course, is perfect for me, since I didn't collect then.

So cool.

And that's your dose of shiny for Saturday. I hope you enjoyed.

See you after the card show.


  1. That Ishii Fleer card is awesome. Cool design and good pose.

  2. I think the lack of a pock marked background is due to the fact that they ended up ditching the embossing for Chrome this year.

    I'm pretty sure that you're right about the cards though. These Chrome Heritage cards start at 100. It's weird though because I would call half of the set Heritage Chromes and the other Chrome Heritages even though they're the same thing.

    Glad to see that you enjoyed the cards. I made sure that there were no Jeff Kent's anywhere near the package this time.

    My collecting heyday was the 90s. I was working at a card shop and getting product for cost, in high school and living at home so had a ton of money to spend on cards. It's just unfortunate that other than 92 Bowman, 93 SP Baseball and 94 SP Baseball, there really isn't much that maintained any type of value. It's a good thing that I wasn't chasing value even back then. It would be nice to have stuff that had "book value," but I had a blast collecting all of it and that's what matters. So, I've got a ton of all kinds of odds and ends from the 90s to send off to people. These cards I just happened to pull when I was removing cards from my "shoe box" full of toploaders. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I previously put something into a toploader.

    I'll be busting something this week so I might end up with some more cards to send your way.

  3. The Hard Hats insert is cool. I've never seen that one before. Like Offy, I see some of the cards I put in top loaders and just laugh.