Saturday, October 22, 2011

Team colors: Cardinals

Yes, this is an attempt at jinxing a certain team ...

Here is the breakdown of the colors Topps attached to Cardinals cards for the years when the colors used were based on the team featured:

1964: green
1965: red, black and yellow
1966: yellow and red
1967: light blue
1968: yellow and red
1969: yellow and red
1971: white, yellow and light blue
1972: blue, light blue and yellow
1974: blue and red
1976: red and green
1977: green, red and orange
1978: green and pink
1979: red, yellow and green
1980: red, orange and blue
1981: yellow and red
1982: pink and brown
1983: red and purple
1984: red and orange
1985: red and yellow
1986: red
1987: red
1988: red, blue and orange
1989: red and blue
1991: red and orange
1992: red, gold and yellow
1993: red and black
1994: yellow and orange
1998: red
2000: red
2002: red and blue
2003: red and yellow
2004: red and blue
2005: red and blue
2006: red and yellow
2007: red and blue
2008: red and gray
2009: red
2010: red
2011: red

Cardinals' team colors: red, "midnight navy" and white (the "midnight" trend in sports colors needs to go away).
What Topps says are the Cardinals' team colors: Red

I sure did like the Cardinals in the early '80s.

Hernandez, Templeton, Porter, Hendrick, Herr, McGee, Sutter.

Ah, hell. Maybe this post is a jinx, maybe it's a good luck charm.

Whatever happens tonight, I take full credit for the outcome.

(The tally: Red-32, Yellow-13, Blue-9, Orange-6, Green-5, Light Blue-3, Pink-2, Black-2, Brown-1, Purple-1, Gold-1, White-1, Gray-1)


  1. OK, I think that worked rather well for Pujols.

  2. Thanks for the love. Can you do another post like that today? :)

  3. So you're the one responsible? Gonna have to do something about that...