Friday, October 7, 2011

No time, therefore ... minnnnnnniiiiiiiissssssssss!!!!!!!

Hey, don't complain. I could be tracking down an image of a bizarre Triple Threads card off of ebay and putting it up here. You don't want that do you? Mercy, those things are awful. I refuse to acknowledge something that craves our attention so desperately.

Meanwhile, in my continuing pursuit of Topps Lineage '75 minis, some generous folks have checked the want list and gifted me with wonderful cards.

Chris of Nachos Grande, Julie of Things Are Funner Here, Joe of The Sandlot and Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards have all sent Lineage minis recently. I'll show you the cards and you can guess who sent what.

One person sent this card. It's very weird to see Morgan in a '75 design without the yellow-red All-Star border with the giant white star.

One person set this card. Have you ever wondered what the 19th century Cleveland Spiders would look like on a '75 design? I know I have. Yours and my dream has finally come true.

One person sent this card. This is the same picture that appeared on Seaver's 1977 Topps card. So, seeing it on a '75 design is almost like looking into the future. Almost.

Finally, one person sent all these cards. My, that will certainly pick up your day.

So, who sent which cards?

Well, the group of cards is easy. Chris is the only guy I know who busted like 12 boxes of Lineage. So only he could supply that many minis in one swath.

You might guess that Julie sent the Seaver card because she probably can't wait to get Mets out of the house. But actually it was the Mets fan, Joe, who sent the card. I wonder if he had duplicates of the card or if he just doesn't like '75 Lineage minis? The former I understand. The latter, I don't even want to know.

The Morgan card could be sent by anyone. Who doesn't want to get rid of a Morgan card? Awhile ago, there was some link to the radio show he does now. Supposedly Sandy Koufax was going to be his guest. I figured I'd give a listen. But for the first 10 minutes or so, Morgan babbled about his experiences with Koufax, which I couldn't care less about. I stopped listening. I never even found out if Koufax ever made it on the air.

Anyway, Spiff sent the Morgan.

That leaves Julie, shipping off the Spider. Odd name for a baseball team. Works for a certain college though.

A major thanks for the minis. There are still many more on the want list.

All right, back to stupid stuff ... I mean, work.


  1. DAMMIT. I wanted to foist that Joe Morgan mini upon you. Now what the hell do I do with it? Curse my procrastination!

  2. What type of person would listen to a Joe Morgan radio show? That dude is awful.

  3. How come nobody wants to foist a Morgan upon me?

  4. Dayf, I know someone who wants the Reds minis...

  5. Glad you got the Morgan ok. Thanks for the cards you sent in return - they all hit holes in my collection.