Friday, July 9, 2010

Gint-a-cuffs II: Yeah, that's about right

I am about to reveal packs 8 through 11 from my 2010 box o' Allen & Ginter. You will be happy to know that there is finally a hit involved.

But I warn you: no scrolling ahead. First, that's cheating, you impatient, impatient squirrely people. Secondly, you will be sorely disappointed. You will want to blame me after seeing it. But you can't. Because I told you: NO SCROLLING AHEAD.

All right. Before I hit Pack No. 8, I need to correct a scoring error. Way back in Pack 1, I pulled an Adam Dunn This Date in History card. Apparently it was worth 3 points for being a TDIH card and for being on the favorite player list. But I credited myself with just one point. I sabotaged myself. Sorry, it's a lifelong habit.

So, instead of 46 points, I have 48 points, so far. That should make beardy quake while he opens his 54-hit box of freak.



1. #165 - Nick Jacoby (1 point). Half of the card-blogging tandem that cracked the code. I hope people don't suddenly think all card bloggers are good at that stuff. I can't even figure out that sudoku thing.

2. #254 - Rich Harden (0 points)
3. #268 - Brad Kilby (0 points). One of these days I'm going to get to an A's card of someone that I know.
4. #36 - Victor Martinez (0 points)
5. #276 - Daniel Runzler (0 points)

6. #338 - Francisco Liriano (2 points, SP)

7. #297 - Isaac Newton (2 points, A&G ad back). Rock Me Amadeus.

8. #TDH9 - Pablo Sandoval, This Date in History (1 point). Who weighs more -- the Babe or Sandoval? Yes, I know the Babe is not around anymore. I mean during their playing careers.

Pack 8 total: 6 points
Total so far: 54 points

Believe it or not, that's a good pack for me.

OK, we're officially into Column 2. This is usually where most of the hits lie.


1. #83 - David Wright (2 points, favorite player list)

2. #160 - Derek Lee (0 points)
3. #247 - Rajai Davis (0 points). An Oaklander I've heard of!
4. #145 - Jim Thome (0 points)
5. #123 - Mariano Rivera (-1 point even if he is the least annoying Yankee ever)

6. #313 - Ryan Doumit (2 points, SP)

7. #NA29 - Flamingo (2 points, National Animals insert set). You know you're living in the right place when your national animal is a flamingo.

8. #TDH33 - Kosuke Fukudome, This Date in History (1 point)

Pack 9 total: 6 points
Total so far: 60 points

Nothing to say.


1. #11 - Wade Davis (0 points)
2. #297 - Isaac Newton (0 points)
3. #154 - Juan Francisco (0 points)
4. #245 - Michael Dunn (0 points)
5. #169 - Felix Hernandez (0 points)
6. #141 - Matt Cain (0 points)

7. #SSS3 - Sir Walter Raleigh mini (4 points, Sailors of the Seven Seas insert). It's not often that you see the word "beheaded" on the back of a trading card.

8. #TDH18 - Felix Hernandez, This Date in History (1 point). It's the all-Felix pack. Sadly, he's worth just one point. That's not right.

Pack 10 total: 5 points
Total so far: 65 points

I've never noticed before how many meh ballplayers there are in A&G.


1. #135 - Ken Blackburn (0 points). I am showing this card for one reason only. This card is proof that one day everyone in the world will have their own trading card manufactured for the masses. Blackburn holds the record for keeping a paper airplane aloft the longest. One small step for man ...

2. #213 - Mark Reynolds (0 points)
3. #263 - Ruben Tejada (0 points)
4. #39 - Josh Johnson (0 points)

5. #AGR-CL - Carlos Lee (8 points, bat relic). Well, well, well, Carlos, we meet again.

This is a hit destined for ol' night owl. I have documented my ability to pull Carlos Lee cards on several occasions. There really should be a contest to see who can pull the most Carlos Lee cards, because I most definitely would slaughter the opposition. The man follows me around like a lost puppy.

However, these are possibly the best-looking relic cards I have ever seen.

6. #316 - Nate McLouth mini (3 points, SP mini). dayf is right. Pulling a regular base set mini ain't easy. It has happened in only 3 packs so far.

 7. #TDH74 - Carlos Lee, This Date in History (1 point). OK, this is getting uncomfortable. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??????

At least he's getting me points.

(Relic packs have just 7 cards).

Pack 11 total: 12 points
Total so far: 77 points

I waited until Pack 11 to get my first hit. That means I don't expect to any more than the average three hits per box.

We can't all live the high life.

OK, time to actually hit the checklist and find out how far away I am from completing this set so far.


  1. I'm sensing a lack of dinosaurs. Need more dinosaurs!

  2. Did you get any Royals in the box?

  3. I know I got at least one. It scored me a few points. Not sure about the rest.

  4. I have managed to get monster Ginter boxes two years in a row now. It's all about the averages though, cause each year I've bought 4 boxes, and each year one of them was a beast.

  5. I have the same problem with a player following me... only its Kelly Johnson. Who honestly wants a Kelly Johnson relic?