Monday, July 12, 2010

Gint-a-cuffs II: Somebody will want this card

We have reached what is the traditional apex of a box of Ginter freshly purchased by me. Unlike your typical dramatic novel, the peak of a "night owl box" is not near the end but dead center in the middle. That way, we can crawl to the finish, all crippled and pathetic-like.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves. And I wouldn't want you to get ahead of yourself. Remember, no peaking at the card that "somebody will want" later in the post. We'll get to it all in good time. Put on your patience pants. (Hint: It's not the Mike Leake card).

OK, I'm at 72 points. Let's try to break 100 here with Packs 12 through 15.


1. #3 - Ryan Braun (2 points, favorite player list). Otherwise known as the only player to receive more N.L. All-Star outfielder votes than Andre Ethier.

2. #272 - David Blaine (0 points). The guy who does all those magician shows. Personally, I think he's starved for attention.
3. #33 - Bengie Molina (0 points)
4. #253 - Adam Moore (0 points)
5. #86 - Andrew Bailey (0 points)

6. #329 - Troy Glaus (2 points, SP).

7. #75 - Jayson Werth (2 points, A&G ad back mini)

8. #TDH6 - Brian Roberts, This Date in History (1 point)

Crack the Code ad (these don't seem to pop up as frequently as before)

Pack 12 total: 7 points
Total so far: 79 points

I feel like I'm doing a research project. I've got the Gint-a-Cuffs rules window open, the favorite players window open, the calculator on the desk. You math people need to give it a rest. Write a poem or something. It'll help you relax.


1. #48 - Alan Francis (0 points). Horseshoe pitching champion. The back says he's "affable." That's worth some points.
2. #280 - Koji Uehara (0 points)
3. #90 - Kevin Kozmanoff (0 points)

4. #51 - Matt Holliday (2 points, favorite player list)

5. #186 - Jose Reyes (0 points)

6. #330 - Jonathan Papelbon (2 points, SP)

7. #NA44 - Gazelle, Israel (National Animals insert, 2 points)

8. #TDH60 - Roy Halladay, This Date in History (1 point + 2 points for favorite player list, 3 points total)

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Pack 13 total: 9 points
Total so far: 88 points

I was going to hurt someone if Halladay wasn't on the favorite player list.


1. #128 - Hans Florine (0 points). Rock climber and X-Games guy. I don't get these people.
2. #44 - Chris Coghlan (0 points)
3. #5 - Edwin Jackson (0 points)
4. #221 - Mike Leake (0 points)

5. #AGR-DWR - David Wright jersey relic (8 points multiplied by 1.7 for being on favorite player list for a total of 13.6 points. That's right, 13 POINT 6. I definitely did not make these rules).

OK, this is a damn fine looking card, but I know I'm not going to be able to keep it for very long knowing that there are about 46 million Mets card bloggers around.

So here are the ground rules: If you want to trade for this card and I HAVE EITHER TRADED WITH YOU BEFORE OR RESPONDED TO A TRADE EMAIL SENT BY YOU (whether I said "yay" or "nay"), then you may make an offer for this card. I'm sorry to close it off to those people, but there are just too many Mets collectors.

I will take emailed offers from only those people through the end of Thursday. I likely won't respond to the person whose offer I accept until Friday or the weekend. But that's only because I've got a lot going on this week.

I'm not looking for anything crazy. Just something similar. You know what I like.

6. #249 - Alfonso Soriano (2 points, A&G ad back mini)

7. #TDH73 - Ian Kinsler, This Date in History (1 point)

Pack 14 total: 16.6 points
Total so far: 104.6 points.

Oh, if only every pack could be like this one.


1. #277 - Regis Philbin (0 points). We want Kelly!
2. #231 - Travis Snider (0 points)

3. #138 - Javier Vazquez (0 points, minus 1 point for being Yankee, add 1 point for being on favorite player list. This is like offsetting fouls in the NFL). I have no idea why I scanned that card. I'm in a confused state.

4. #182 - Chris Carpenter (0 points)

5. #65 - Andre Ethier (1 point, favorite team). Does not resemble the Ethier currently tearing up N.L. pitching.

6. #310 - Placido Polanco (2 points, SP)

7. Sig Hansen (2 points, A&G ad back mini). The card of the famed sea captain means I've gone through another 4 packs without pulling a regular base card mini. I have more A&G backs than regular base card backs.

8. #TDH65 - Zack Greinke, This Date in History (1 point). Now, there's a Royal for Zach. I know there are a couple more later, too.

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Pack 15 total: 6 points
Total so far: 110.6 points

Not liking that decimal point.

I'm feeling a little better about my box after these middle packs. The question is can I keep the momentum? Last year, I believe I actually discouraged people from buying Ginter with Packs 18-24.

I think I'll take a little break from Gintering for the next couple of days.


  1. Oh my goodness! I knew it. I didn't scroll down, but I knew it. Nice looking card. I'm going to have to do some searching to see if I can come up with something to trade for that card.
    Plus, getting a favorite player relic really bumps up the point total too. I wish I could be so lucky. I can feel the gint-a-cuffs contest slipping away from me.

  2. Someone actually likes Javier Vazquez?

  3. Thanks! At least I know that there is more than one in the set.

  4. I would love to get that Gazelle card autographed by Dave Ramsey.

  5. That D-Wright jersey is awesome; never seen a blue one.

  6. You're right - someone (me) wants that Mike Leake card.