Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cardboard appreciation: 2010 Bowman Chrome Bo Bowman

(I'm in a very weird place in my job. This week will likely decide whether that place will get weirder or get better. So here's to taking the plunge. It's time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 73rd in a series):

I know what you're thinking, old-timer.

You are wondering how the hell a card like this can appear on Cardboard Appreciation, a place that usually salutes the vintage soldiers of the past.

It's here for only one reason:

The guy is named Bo Bowman and he's on a Bowman card!!! IT'S A BOWMAN BO BOWMAN!!!!


Think about how unique that is.

That is like a guy named Don Donruss appearing on a Donruss card. But that never happened, did it? And there's never been a Tip Topps or a Pam Panini or a Sporty Sportflics.

I looked at the back of the card and it says Bowman's real first name is Brent, but that he wants to be called "Bo." It's like Bowman (the card company, not the player) is saying, "hey, look, we know it looks like we made the guy's name up, but he insists on being called Bo Bowman."

I tried to figure out what Bowman was doing this year in the Rockies organization. It took awhile. I couldn't find him on any Rockies minor league roster. Finally, I found something that said the Rockies placed him on the restricted list in June.

Uh, oh. I don't have a clear idea of the restricted list, but I do know people like Carlos Zambrano, Milton Bradley and Ronald Belisario have been on it recently. That's not good company.

Maybe Bowman is thinking of a career change? Perhaps being a spokesman for Bowman?

Oh, that's right. Some guy named Strasburg is doing that.


  1. That is great. I think I'd rather have Bo Bowman than Strasburg (not really, but I still want one).

  2. Facebook page:


    I went there to see if he had news on there about why he was on the restricted list, then I found out why by searching the news.

    50 game suspension due to testing positive for amphetamines. I suppose because it's a short league season team, he may miss pretty much all of 2010 with the suspension.

  3. If you do really want one, I have doubles. I think this card might be long-printed for namesake only.

  4. Amphetamines are illegal in baseball now? Next thing you know, they are going to ban steroids.

  5. you have obviously never seen the 1955 set and pitcher roger bowman.