Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cardboard appreciation: 2003 Topps Chrome Kevin Brown

(Did you know it's hot in the Northeast? You'd think people never heard of summer around here. Bring on the heat! I love it. In fact I appreciate it. It's time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 71st in a series):

I have decided that I will not collect the Topps Chrome set this year.

Was that an audible gasp? Yes, I am aware that this is a bit of a change of direction for me. I attempted to collect both the 2008 and 2009 Chrome sets, because I so love the shiny. But I failed miserably on the '08 set, and even though I can buy a pack of '09 Chrome at my Target (at FULL PRICE) anytime I want, it looks like I won't be finishing off the '09 set.

Given those two warning signs, even bozo here can figure out that collecting 2010 Chrome is not the wisest move.

But there is another reason for my refraining from purchasing all but a stray pack of Chrome -- and, of course picking up all the Dodgers.

That reason is Chrome will never be as good as it was in 2003.

The deep blue of the 2003 Topps set lent itself to one of the most beautiful-looking card sets in my opinion. Once you add chrome to that particular shade of blue, you have one of the most striking and pleasing cards ever. I am a sucker for blue. Of course, it's all over my favorite team. But I love shiny blue stuff. Blue Christmas lights rule. Blue neon is too cool. The vehicle I drive is a deep blue color.

Topps must know that, too. The first blue refractor cards -- that I am aware of -- popped up in 2006. But the shade of blue was that pale blue that you see on Bowman parallels. It just didn't do it for me. Then, in 2007, Topps switched to the deeper blue and, damn, those cards look fine. That's the color that has appeared on blue refractors since.

Unfortunately, they're a little difficult to find. I'm fortunate to have a few Dodgers blue refractors, which look tremendous.

But if you want the full blue effect, you have to go to the 2003 Chrome set. Granted, they're not refractors, but that doesn't matter. An entire set of deep blue chrome borders must look like light reflected off the bottom of the ocean. Tremendous. It's enough to make me consider collecting the set.

But I think that's the only Chrome set I'll think about completing for a long time. The other sets just don't stack up with '03.

I received the 2003 Kevin Brown chrome card from Nico of Nr Mt.

He was kind enough to check out my want list and search out a few cards. He also found one card off my 2009 Chrome want list -- you know, the one I just said that I probably wouldn't finish:

That's Scott Rolen, back in his helpless American League days.

Nico also sent two more of those weird red-letter variation cards from 2007. Better than some back variations that you see, but still utterly ridiculous.

One of the last Dodgers needed from 2007 Upper Deck. I think I'd take Pierre over Garret Anderson.

Down to needing two more 2006 Upper Deck Dodgers after these two -- a guy who had his best days before he was a Dodger and one who had his best days after he was a Dodger. Bleah.

A whole group of those forgettable Victory cards from around 2000. They're so uninspiring, I don't even want to look up the year. But complete team sets we must!

Here is one of those O-Pee-Chee preview cards from 2009 Upper Deck that got UD in legal hot water. Or maybe it was the ones that looked like '75 Topps. It's so hard keeping track of UD's legal problems.

All of these cards are greatly appreciated. And it helps me complete another task:

I have completed my first trade with someone from Connecticut. That's state No. 34 on the list.

Notice that I painted Connecticut in that deep blue color that I like so much. Ain't it purty?

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  1. Congrats on the trade map progress, it's interesting to see that cards and/or card collectors seem to be limited in the north-northwest corner of the country.