Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What you need

I am a participant in one of those team dump trades -- what I like to call an "everything must go" trade -- with Pat at Hot Corner Cards.

He is offering team lots in exchange for all the Tigers one can muster. I'm still mustering Tigers, but Pat sent the Dodgers a long time ago, so it's about time I acknowledge something about this deal.

Whenever I receive a whole mess of Dodgers sight unseen, there is always a weeding out process. With an abundant number of Dodgers already in my inventory, I need to take the time to figure out what cards I really need.

All of this usually happens behind the scenes. So, I figured this time, why not put it in front of the scenes? I'll let everyone in on determining which card I need from the piles of Dodgers I received! It can be one big What You Need party!

Sound like fun?


Sorry, I've drafted you anyway.

So what I'm going to do here is show six cards each and let you determine which one I need. Let the hilarity ensue.

I'll start with an easy one first:

 You: (in best "dumb guy" voice): Uhhhhhhhh, hmmmm, that's really tough. Gee, I think I'll go with the red Prizm Gonzalez?

Me: Correct! I wouldn't want to be that guy who bought so many Gypsy Queen that he ended up with five Chris Capuanos. Then again, my tolerance for GQ ends at one pack.

OK, here's another one:

You: Well, it's not the Bowman card or the '86 Traded Trevino. You probably already have this year's Archives Gonzalez and the Spectrum Kemp. If you didn't need the GQ Capuanos, then you probably don't need the GQ Ramirez. I'll say, the Diamond King Piazza.

Me: Right again! You're pretty good at this. The Piazza card is from the '05 Diamond King Update set. As you know Update cards from this period are infinitely more difficult to obtain than Update cards from the '80s. Excellent deduction skills.

Here is the next selection of six:

You: This one's kind of tough. There's only two base cards here. It's probably either the Ivan DeJesus liquorfractor or the goldie Paco Rodriguez.

I'm going to go with Paco.

Me: Wrong! It's a lousy 2014 Archives base card of Hanley Ramirez!

You: What? How do you not have that yet? I'm sure I saw it on your blog.

Me: Perhaps you got it confused with this card that I already have:

Or this card:

You: Stupid Topps.

Me: OK, you still have picked 2-out-of-3. Here's another one:

You: Well, it's got to be the Juan Uribe card. It's the only recent one that I can see you not having.

Me: No! It's the '05 Donruss Classics J.D. Drew!!!

You: But ... I've seen that card on your blog before!

Me: No, you've seen THIS card:

It's the Timeless Tributes parallel card!!!!

You: GAH! Parallels! Damn it all!

Me: Now, now. You're still 2-for-4. That's .500! I'm sure you'll pick it up here:

You: I'm certain you have most of these. How about the Rafael Furcal card? That looks a little different.

Me: No! It's the 1995 Archives George Shuba card!!! Ha, ha, I have the '53 original but didn't have this one! Like I really need this one if I have the original!

But, your want list says you don't need it. It says so right here!:

See? No '53 Topps needed except for #64 - Cox!

Me: Ho, ho! You looked at my want list???? That's your first mistake.

You: Grrrrrrrrr.

Me: Anyway ... let's move on. Still batting .400.

You: This isn't very fun anymore. I don't know. How about the Mondesi card. That was pretty popular back in the day.

Me: No! It's a Kevin Brown card! You would think I have all the Dodgers Kevin Brown cards in the world by now! But I don't! Ha, ha! I'm smiling through the pain!

You: *&@#%!!!!%!

Me: Now, now. You'll get this one:

You: Oh, this has got to be easy. The diecut SPx Mondesi card, right?

Me: No! Trick question! I needed two of them! And they're both from this year! I'm so pokey with 2014 needs!!!

You: Screw this. I'm not picking any more. Only you know what you need.

Me: But wait! There are a lot of other cards that I still needed!

Thanks for the cards, Pat! Tigers are coming your way pretty soon!

Oh, and this card scanned freaky:

But I needed it!


  1. If you stare at that Nomo too long it will take your soul.

  2. Nice, I got a return from Bobby Coyle a while back.

  3. I did stare at the O's in Nomo's name for about an hour. I thought I was going to see one of those 3D pics that were popular in the mid-90's. Nothing.

  4. Great post....I may have been inadvertantly trying to coin a new phrase "Capuano - ed", "Capped" ????