Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Killing junk wax dead

I have this terrible habit of looking at junk wax -- or "overproduction era" wax, if you prefer -- as so many insects that need to be eradicated. Call pest control! I just saw a stray '89 Topps over by the radiator!

"Eradication," in this case doesn't mean destruction -- although I'm sure 1991 Donruss would benefit from someone dumping about a thousand pallets of the stuff in the sea. No, "eradicate" simply means  eliminating it from my want list.

There is nothing I find more annoying than knowing that I still have junk wax needs on my want list. I should have these by now! They're everywhere! They're mating and multiplying somewhere this minute! WHY DON'T I HAVE THESE??!!!!

This bothers me so much that there are times when I have some extra card cash and instead of buying something useful, like some 1950s card I need, I throw it at some junk wax Dodgers -- because they're pests and they need to be confined to my collection instead of infesting someone else's.

Just a couple of weeks ago I called up the COMC site, pulled out the Raid, and obliterated a few more junk wax creepy crawlers. This was the last of my free money from COMC while helping them rebuild their database.

I had only a couple of bucks left, so I dedicated it first to the 1991 Mootown Snackers Kal Daniels that I creased the first time. I'll try to be more careful when transferring this card.

Then I turned my attention to Score, which out of all the companies that were issuing cards between 1987-93, has eluded me the most. There are so many junk wax Score needs crawling all over my want list that I feel the need to spray down my computer.

But at least I know the following cards are eradicated ... from the want list.

These two are from the 1989 Score Hottest Stars set.

That's not to be confused with the Rising Stars set or the Young Superstars set or the Hot, Young Rising Stars set (gee, that one sounds kind of dirty -- I guess that's why it doesn't exist).

No wonder I still have junk wax needs, who can possibly keep track of that stuff?

These are all from the 1992 Score Rookies and Traded set. I honestly had no idea that Score produced an update set in 1992 -- I try not to think of '92 Score more than necessary.

I am very happy to get these ugly cards out of the way (purple and orange, yeah OK).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Eric Davis card that's in the set.

So that's still on the want list.

Along with a number of other junk wax-era Dodgers from Donruss, Fleer, Bowman and, yup, even Topps.

Better put that pest control number on speed dial.


  1. agreed. I too, occasionally go on a binge to bring down those want lists... however I usually get a few and then get distracted by something new and shiny.

  2. I've thought about trying to complete every single Team Set from 86. To me it has the least amount of sets so it would totally be doable if I wanted to spend the scratch but I always find something better to buy instead.

  3. My rule of thumb for junk wax is that if I can't find it for a dime, I will eventually. There are still waaaay too many holes in my 80's/early 90's binders.

    I never really took a good, long look at '92 Score. That design is even worse than I remember.

  4. I just like saying Mootown Snackers...