Thursday, May 8, 2014


You ever have one of those weeks where you mutter to yourself "I'm glad I have a job, I'm glad I have a job, I'm glad I have a job" over and over without even knowing it?

It's been one of those work-sleep-work-sleep weeks (Or in more cynical terms -- this). I had hoped to have already written that epic post about the loot from Jaybarkerfan's Junk by now, but I haven't even started it.

I need something quick. Something short and to the point that I can post here in 5 minutes before I dash away again.

Fortunately, Baseball Dad came to the rescue by sending me a pack of Panini Hometown Heroes.

As I said on an earlier post, I have had a difficult time finding some of Panini's products, not that I'm really looking. One of those is Hometown Heroes, the only Panini product that truly interests me. But Baseball Dad insisted that he had packs at his Target, and to prove it, he sent one.

(By the way, I noticed in the comments on this post, that Baseball Dad has the power to bring cards to his store just by wishing for them. That never works for me).

So this pack is perfect for my time crunch. I open the pack. I present what's inside. I make minimal pithy comments. It's easy. It's effortless and it's quick. That's the most important. Quick.


#56 - Adam Wainwright, St. Louis

In weaker moments, I will be tempted to draw Mickey Mouse ears on this card.

#14 - Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles

PUIG!!!!!!!! This is too classic that these cards are back-to-back. Puig is one of two non-SP Dodgers from this set that I needed. This pack rules.

#71 - Pat Tabler, Cleveland

Hmmm. I wonder if Baseball Dad already has this. I haven't pulled a Tabler card since junk wax ruled the earth.

#116 - Shawn Green, Toronto

If it wasn't for the Toronto flag, I could pass this off as a Dodger card. An inherent Panini weakness.

#173 - Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco

About the only player on the Giants that doesn't make me seethe with disgust when he comes to the plate. It might be that lousy batting average -- or the fact that he's rumored to be signing with the Dodgers after the season.

#130 - Alex Gordon, Kansas City

Nothing to say, pithy or otherwise. I turned the card over to the back in desperation and now my eyes need 10 minutes to focus. Panini should pack mini magnifying glasses in their packs. OK, there's your pithy.

The next two cards appeared upside down. Does this mean SHORT-PRINTS?????

#256 - Dickie Thon, Houston

No. Short-prints start at No. 261. But how cool is a Dickie Thon card in 2013? Everyone my age just got the giggles.

#238 - Eric Davis, Cincinnati

Last card. Can't really pass this one off as a Dodger card.

So that's that. One of the few blissfully free moments I've had this week.

Thanks, Baseball Dad.

Gotta go.


  1. Uses the word pithy and links to a Godfather's video.

    That, my good man, is why you are the perpetual Blog of the Year.

  2. I actually didn't know that Puig was in this set (though I guess it shouldn't be a surprise). It says something abot how Random I can be as a collector that your post made me equally keen to track down the Puig and the Thon...

  3. For the simple fact that you linked a Godfathers song on your blog, I shall refrain from making any smart assed remarks on your blog until the end of the baseball season.

    Err.....regular season.

  4. Wishing for cards to come to stores in my area doesn't work for me either.... ("I'm glad I have a job, I'm glad I have a job, I'm glad I have a job" too.)

  5. The generosity of the blogging community never ends. Baseball Dad is pretty cool.

  6. I hope Panini brings these back this year.

  7. I went to Wal Mart for the very first time in 2014 today. Of course I went to the card aisle and was surprised to find nothing. Well not nothing they had tons of blasters of gaming types of cards but no sports cards. I guess I'll stick to vintage because I didn't need to buy any current year cards anyway.

    1. I'm with you.. Sticking to the vintage

    2. Wal-Mart big shots must be stuck on the idea that cards are only for kids. They seem to want to get out of the sports card business altogether.

  8. Some how I missed this post ! Glad you liked the cards, and got at least one Dodger. I DO need the Tabler !