Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello, everybody!

Hey, Hey!!!! HELLO!!!! Yes, yes, it's Night Owl again!! Ha, ha! Coming to you again after I said I'd never do this again!!!! Yes!!! Ha, ha! You can't keep me away!!!!!

Welcome once more to another edition of What's The Best Card In The Package!!!!!! And again, we're going EXTREME with Extreme Edition 2!!! That's Extreme Edition Dos!!! Ha, ha! I know my Spanish, don't I, Jim? Ha, ha!

Yes, yes, even after leaving disgustedly after the last Extreme Edition, I'm back because I need to pay my rent!!! Ha, ha! Game show hosting doesn't pay what you think!!! Ha, ha! Either that or I have a lot of bad habits!!!!! Ha, ha!!!!

Anywho ... the way we play this game is we take some fantastic card package that someone has sent me and determine before our live studio audience -- say it with me -- the BEST CARD IN THE PACKAGE!!!!

Ha, ha, audience you're in great shape tonight! All right, all right. Must be the caffeine pills we passed out before the show. Ha, ha! Just kidding, we'd never do that! We're a fair and semi-reputable operation!!

Jim, you have your head in your hands again. Stop that.

This edition again is EXTREME, meaning that we will pair one card against one card or one card against 20 cards! You never know! It's EXTREME! And this time, we've made it even more extreme! How have we done that?? I'M NOT TELLING! You'll have to read through the whole, agonizing thing! Ha, ha!

But I promise the cards will be great! After all, they were provided by Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk!!! He's doing his own game show, so we'll do one, too!!! Ha, ha!

So, let's get to it!!!! Let me have a sip of my magic juice over here .... and we're ready to go!!!!!!!

But first audience, say it with me!!!!


Ha, ha! I love it! Extreeeeeeeme!!!!!!!!!

First card, Jim!

All right! It's not the first card, it's the FIRST THREE CARDS!!!! Ha, ha! Extreme!!!!!

These are three fabulous numbered inserts from the Fleer Greats set of 2004. I love these!!! Makes me remember the good old days before everyone was attached to gadgets!!!! Isn't that right, Jim? .... Jim ... Jim ... over here ... get your head out of your device.

Ha, ha!

Let's see what the Forever Dodgers are up against tonight!!!

Fantastic! It's a black-bordered mini of Manny being Manny!!! Fabulous!!

Manny reminds me a little of me, you know!! I went through a dreads phase! Yes! Yes! I did! Jim knows all about it. I've also been known to take female fertility drugs from time to time!

Oh, dear, did I say that out loud? My magic juice is acting up on me again! Take that away from me, Jim!!!!

Forget that ugliness, let's see the winner!!!!!

FOREVER DODGERS!!!! Yes, the good old days!!! All right!!!!

Next card, next card ... or is it next cards???? Ha, ha!

Hey, hey! It's a stained glass Studio insert of Mike Pizza Man Piazza!!!! Fantastic!!!

Hey, Jim, do you think they'll let me in that church down the block so I can look at the stained glass windows? Yeah, just to look, don't get nervous, I'm not getting religion on you!!! Ha, ha! Do you think I can bring my magic juice there??

Ha, ha! I'm kidding! KIDDING! You should see the look on your faces!!!!! You were all "whaaaaa?" Ha, ha! We like to joke around here!!!

Let's see Pizza Man's contender!!!!

It's a couple of 1973 Osteens! Fantastic!!!! I used to eat Frosted Flakes in 1973!!!! Dad would always take the card from me. Said I didn't deserve it. Ha, ha! Good times!!!!

Let's see who wins this match-up!!!

It's the stained glass Pizza Man!!!! Excellent!!!! Love those colors. And I hate my dad.

Ha, ha!

Jim, fire up the next card on WTBCITP EXTREME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What's that??? It looks like it's made out of porcelain! That's fantastic!!! I bet I could use it for a beer coaster!! It would get the girlfriend off my back about leaving rings on the furniture! Ha, ha! ... I do so have a girlfriend, Jim! You met her once!!!! Yes, that girl I was talking to in the grocery store that one time! SHE WAS NOT A RANDOM CHECKOUT GIRL!!!!

Jim, you're pressing my buttons!!!!

Show the next item or I'll dock your paycheck!

LOOK AT THAT!!!! It's a whole page of refractors!!!!! Look at all that shiny!!!! I could stare at that all day! Ha, ha!

Let's see if the shiny can knock off porcelain Gil, shall we?????

No, it doesn't! I need my beer coaster! Ha, ha!!!

Moving on, moving on!!!!

Jim, do your thing!!!!!

It's a card of Michael Young!!!

Wow, Jim, this is a pretty weak entry.

I don't care if I need that card!!! It's not shiny or fancy at all!! I HAVE FANCY TASTES! YOU KNOW THAT!!! Who made you pay for all of those pink flamingos in my dressing room??? That's right, me! Fancy tastes!

The next card better be a good one, Jim. ... Stop rolling your eyes.

Well ... that certainly is fancy. And, thick. Is that actually a card?

Eh, what the hell. I like my pizza and my women thick, so why not a card??? Hey! Hey! Where are you going audience??? Did I say something wrong??

Screw 'em, Jim. Let them go. They don't know greatness. Let's see the winner.

Yes! The fancy, thick "card" wins. Excellent.

I'm telling you the people that just left are going to miss a great show!!

Next card or cards!!!!!

Ooooooh! Look at this one!!! It's a fantastic Adrian Gonzalez card full of material!!!!!! Kind of looks like some of my old socks in there. Ha, ha! Do you think it's old socks, Jim??? Give a whiff, will ya?

Ha, ha! Even I'm not that cruel!

Let's see who Old Socks Adrian is going to face!!!!

Uh-oh, it's a shortprint of my main man Clayton Kershaw. Jim, this card kind of makes me mad.

You remember that card show I went to recently, right? I bought this card for a price I didn't want to pay. I told the guy he was ripping me off. HE WAS RIPPING ME OFF, JIM!!!! But he didn't care. He was cold. Stone cold. He said "pay it or walk away." So I paid the man, Jim. I paid him too much money. And, now, Jim, look here. LOOK HERE! Here is the card AGAIN! Oh, it brings up a lot of bad memories, Jim. A lot of bad ... Jim, Jim, are you SLEEPING??? Did you hear anything I just said??

Do your job and show the winner, you ingrate.

Yes. Old Socks Adrian. Let's forget that whole Kershaw incident ever happened.

On to the next matchup.

WOW!!!! Jim, look at that card!!!! ... Jim, Jim ... are you there??? I can't see anything anymore!! Where did the studio go???? I STARED AT THE CARD TOO LONG, Jim!!!!!!

Let me take a moment to recover here.




OK, I think I'm back. Wow, that was a trip and a half, huh???? Reminded me of those few days in 1979, huh?

Let's see the next card!

Well, that's a 180-degree turn, isn't it???? Way back to '50s vintage!! GREAT STUFF!!!!

I don't think we need to even bother to show the winner, right?

But let's do it anyway:

Wow! REALLY? This card over vintage?

How is that possible?

What's that? I have the Podres card already?

Jim, you know my collection better than I do.

Stay out of my apartment when I'm not there, OK?

Next card or cards!!!!!

WOW-WEEE!!!! It's the action variation card off Matt Kemp from 2014 Heritage!!! This is great!!!!! Love this! These aren't easy to snag!!!!

I'll say this is extreme!!!! Let's see Action Kemp's competition!!!

Jim! JIM! What are you doing to me???? I have to pick between these two fantastic cards!!!! Look at that swatch!!!!! I could use that to bandage my mystery wounds that I get when I wake up and don't know where I am!! Ha, ha! It's THAT big!

How do I choose? How do I choose?

Pick for me, Jim. I can't do it.

All right!!!!! Excellent pick, Jim. Great card!!!!

Are we almost done here yet??? I'm getting winded again.


On to the next card or cards!!!

SCOOP!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!! It's not often you see a Dodger card of Al Oliver, let alone a relic card of Al Oliver! Wild stuff there!!!! GREAT.

Let's see who dares take on Scoop!!!

That reminds me, we haven't seen a GROUP of cards in a long time. It's been 10 straight one-card contestants here.

Am I going to have go back through my contract with my manager again? This is supposed to be EXTREME!!!!


Do you have anything EXTREMEEEEE, Jim?


Did I just see that right???

Is that 72 different serial numbered cards????

Wow, man, wow! Now that is EXTREME!!!!! What a finish to the first round!!!!!!

But let's pick the winner first!!!!!

Sorry, Scoop! Even you can't beat 72 different serial numbered Dodger cards!!!

Well, well, that was your first round. We only have eight entries left. Who will win WTBCITP EXTREME EDITION 2?????

We'll find out after this message!!!!

HEY! We're back again!!!!!!

What I wouldn't give to be that bar of Zest! Ha, ha!

Hey, what's with that look, Jim? Are you going to report me again? I'm just having a little fun here, ha, ha!

OK, Jim and I have just got done with our traditional post first-round nap -- don't worry, separate beds, ha, ha! -- and we're ready to go with the quarterfinals!! So let's get to it!!!

The first entry!!!

Ah, yes! It's the Forever Dodgers!!! Reminding me of the days when you could actually talk to people in person instead of typing them little messages on your gadget!!!! I miss those days! Ha, ha!

Let's see Forever Dodgers competition!

It's Stained Glass Pizza Man!!! Wonderful card!

And the winner ....

Forever Dodgers!!! Yes! We're kicking it old school here on WTBCITP!!! You can take your ithingy and stick it, Jim! Ha, ha!!!!

Let's move on to the next group!

It's Beer Coaster Gil!!!! All right! I'm getting thirsty just looking at him! Ha, ha!!!

BCG, who ya gonna play???

Hey, it's the thick Campy card that scared away half the audience!!! But you people who stuck around know what's good and you're going to get to see the winner of this particular contest!

It's Beer Coaster Gil! Because I NEED A BEER!!!!! Go fetch one for me, Jim!!!

After the show, of course. Ha, ha.

Hey! Let's look at the next card!

Yes! It's Old Socks Adrian!!!! Wonderful. Show 'em what you got Socksy!! Ha, ha!

Oh, no! It's you! Ventura, you messed up my vision last time! I don't know if you have a chance against Old Socks up there! He's wonderfully stinky!

Let's see the winner!

Wow! I guess I'm going to have to make an appointment with my optometrist, ha, ha! That is if they had a decent medical plan around here!!!! I think I'll have to make my own glasses out of the broken glass in the alleyway next to my apartment! Ha, ha!

But let's see that next card or cards!!!

Ah, yes! The wonderful Kemp gauze bandage card!!! Who will take on this card??

It's the 72 serial numbered cards!!!! Whoa! I think we have a ringer, here! Ha, ha!

But let's see the winner:

It's the 72 serial numbered cards, of course!!!! Because bigger is better!!!!! I always say that!! In fact, saying that all the time got me divorced the second time, ha, ha!!!!

But enough about my pathetic life!!!!!


After this message!!!!!!

Welcome back!!!!!!!

I think they're grooming one of those monkeys for my job!!!!!

But they couldn't hack it! Because they tried it once already!!! And it was a failure! That monkey only lasted five months in my job!!!! Jim says the monkey demanded a bigger salary than I have, but I don't believe it.

OK, you lucky few left are going to see an EXTREME finish to this contest. I guarantee it.

Show the first of the semifinalists, Jim!!!!!

It's the Forever Dodgers!!!!!!! Ah, rotary phones, they beat the snot out of those things the kids are poking these days, don't they?? Ha, ha!

And facing Forever Dodgers is ....

Beer Coaster Gil!!! All right!!!!!! Jim, how's that beer coming????

Ha, ha!

But the winner, Yes, let's figure out the winner, because beer will always be there later, ha, ha! It WILL be there later, right? Right? Jim ... right?????????????????

Forever Dodgers!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Tin cans and string forever!!!! YES! Ha, ha!

Here is our other semifinal!

It's the card that causes vision impairment!!! All right!!! And who will red Ventura meet?

That's right! It's the 72 serial numbered cards. Ready to lay a beat down on red Ventura!!!

The winner ...

Serial number madness!!!!!! You knew it would happen!!! Because this is EXTREME EDITION 2!!!!!! All right!

And now we have our finalists.

But first, another needed break:

Jim ... I want to go on vacation, right now. Start looking up flights, will ya. This audience is the worst ...

Hey!!!! Here we are again!!! Are you still here!!! And if so, why are you??? This isn't Wheel Of Fortune you know. No gorgeous Vanna to stare at here!!! Just me in my lousy toupee with my bad attitude! Ha, ha!!!!

But cards, you want to see the cards. Because this is the BIG EXTREME FINISH!!! All right!!!

And look what we have here, two groups of cards in the finals. Just like I wanted it!!!! They finally got something right on this show!!! It's about damn time.

Here they are!

It's Forever Dodgers ...

against ...

72 serial numbered cards!!!!!!!



Congratulations! That is the best CARDS in the package!!!!!

Thank you all for joining and playing along. And thanks for the cards!

I still hope I never have to do this again!!!!

Good night!!!!


Grand total for the cards that JBF sent:

80 serial numbered cards
38 inserts or parallels
7 "hits"
110 base cards

You know it's a great package when a card like this can't even make my little game show:

Thanks again, and good night.


  1. Have you been smokin' that old bubble gum again ?

    NICE cards though !

  2. If you feel the need to not have more than one Kid K throwback card, I have a binder that would keep it safe.

  3. I thought Michael Young was going to win!

  4. Now that's what I call a JBF package! Personally... the serial numbered Sweet Spot Jackie Robinson alone would have won. Beautiful card.