Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beating a hasty retreat

Yesterday I bought a pack of 2014 cards for the first time in a month. The recent spate of new products -- Opening Day, Gypsy Queen, Bowman -- are about as undesirable as it gets.

I settled on Heritage and promptly pulled the above card for the third time.

I haven't bought very much 2014 Heritage. The times I have are chronicled on this blog. Only three instances, I think. And yet, I pulled a host of dupes out of this rack pack. I also did not pull any short-prints, which is the only reason I'm still buying Heritage because I know a couple of collectors who need the SPs.

But I did get a couple of inserts that I'm not collecting.


The disgust I felt canceled out the automatic joy that comes with pack ripping.

And I vowed to myself, as I often have this year, to stick with the older cards.

Here are a couple of them:

These came from Steve at The Card Chop. After reviewing my 1982 Topps set, I realized I was six cards away from completing it rather than four (this always happens).

Steve sent the two that had previously escaped my attention.

Once I receive the other four, my set will be completed.


No inserts.

No short-prints.

No parallels, no variations, no minis.

There is something to be said for being done, when nobody can say to you, "yes, but ..." and you have to respond with "yeah, I'm ignoring that."

Done. And nobody can say a thing.


(Yeah, I know there is a quirk in the '82 set where half the cards feature a variation in which the facsimile autograph is missing, but that wasn't an intentional thing).


  1. all those Heritage dupes... it's a good thing you know someone with 2014 Heritage on his want list page.

  2. Don't know if you've seen these but here's a link to yesterdays old-timers game at Dodger Stadium. There's a few great photo of the Penguin including one of him batting.

  3. Thanks for those steelehere, they're great. I saw some others on Twitter last night.

    Captain, I checked your wants. None of my Heritage dupes are on your list. Topps collation strikes again.

    1. it's an American conspiracy. Keeping the Northern man down.

  4. Gypsy Queen “about as undesirable as it gets”? Say it ain’t so. . . . I mostly go for vintage—so I don’t actually own any GQ issues—but from afar (i.e. my computer screen) I always thought the curious illustrated-veneer quality of GQs looked attractive. But I should have realized that was just computer filtering, Photoshop, etc. . . . I do like authentically hand-illustrated cards like Leaf’s 2013 Masterworks, though those seem pricey (and understandably so with all the star autographs, too).