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Another winner ... and another contest

I've landed in the middle of another busy work period. I thought I'd be able to send out even more of those 2013 Opening Day cards at the end of this week, but it looks like that won't happen. Maybe it will ... we'll see how sick I get of the man.

I don't like it when this happens. Just once I'd like to have the right side of my desk (the "outgoing packages" section) clear of cards. I always dream of a happy little scenario where I magically send out surprise packages to unsuspecting collectors, like that guy who drops a $1,000 out his window. "What time is it? Oh HO! Time to package some cards for random collector! He'll have no idea!!!!"

Some day.

But meanwhile, I should get to the contest that I announced last week before my job eats that, too.

I was giving away some random items -- '70s cards, oddballs, a few key items from the last couple of years, too -- to say thanks for waiting as I slowly send out packages. The key item, according to some entrants, is the '71 Seaver you see here.

And without dragging things out further, because there's no time for that, here is what the randomizer produced after the customary three randomizing spins:

Congratulations, Al Kawamoto! You will receive the Seaver, the '71 Sutton, the '75 minis, the '81 scratch-off Mazzilli, the 2012 and 2013 A&G shortprints, the 2013 megabox chrome cards, and whatever else I can scrape up. I know you like hockey, so I'll see what I have.

Also, email me your address as I don't have it.

Thank you everyone for playing.

And as a reward -- and once again, because I'm feeling a little guilty for sending out card packages once every two or three weeks -- I have yet another contest.

This one is on even smaller of scale as the last one. So if I get only five people to enter, I won't be offended.

Here is what you're playing for:

Don't get too excited. You're not playing for the wall hanging itself. You're playing for the cards inside it.

This is one of those things that Target sold a few years ago. They packaged them with some Upper Deck cards. I got one for my birthday back then, basically because I saw some Dodger cards in there that I needed.

But I decided to fill it up with some notable cards from my early blogging days.

If you can't see the cards that well, I'll list them here, from the top left and across:

1. Stan Williams, 1972 Topps
2. Dave Concepcion, 1984 Donruss
3. Roy Halladay, 2008 Stadium Club
4. Tony La Russa, 1981 Fleer
5. Aaron Rowand, 2007 Heritage
6. Mark Fidrych, 1978 Topps
7. Oscar Gamble, 1976 Topps Traded
8. Harmon Killebrew, 2008 UD Masterpieces
9. Ron LeFlore, 1976 Topps
10. Michael Young, 2009 OPC
11. Jim Wynn, 1971 Topps
12. Andre Dawson, 1982 Topps
13. Mike Norris, 1983 Topps
14. Jim Grant, 1972 Topps
15. Bret Saberhagen, 1986 Topps
16. Dioner Navarro, 2008 Heritage

Each of these cards relates to either a card, or a set or a player that I focused on during the first couple years of this blog.

This has been on my wall for almost four years. It's time for a change. I have four more years of blogging material since this went up. I need to fill it with new cards.

The above 16 cards are being given away in the contest (except the Stan Williams card, which I need for the night card binder -- I'll put a suitable 1972 Topps in its place for the contest winner).

Most of these cards are in decent shape. The '72 Grant and the '76 Gamble are well-worn but I think most collections would be proud to have them.

As always, all you need to do is leave a comment that says you're entering. And I'll randomize next week to select a winner. I'll link on the sidebar, too, so this post doesn't get lost.

Will I have yet another contest after this one?

Probably not. We'll see how disgusted I am with my work load and inability to get to the post office next week.

But too many of these contests and everyone is going to be playing for a handful of 1990 Donruss very soon.


Josh D. said…
Can we get a notification when the 1990 Donruss contest starts?
Dawgbones said…
in for another round... only two more slots left!!
Praline said…
Awesome, i love contests
Mark Hoyle said…
I'm in. The Fleer Larussa caught my eye
Pro Set Cards said…
Thanks for all the contests and congrats to Al!!! Can you count me in for this too please.
Tony L. said…
I'm in because I really want that Oscar Gamble card.
Stealing Home said…
I'm in because I can't possibly lose ALL of your contests, right????
JediJeff said…
I am only entering for the Rowand. I guess I will have to take the other 11.
hiflew said…
I was surprised not to see a 2008 UD Timeline card in that grouping. Either way, I have never owned a 76 Gamble, so I gotta be in on this one.
Mark Aubrey said…
Looking at that '71 Wynn.
Unknown said…
So in for this!
Marcus said…
Don't have any cards of Fidrych, so I guess I'm in!
defgav said…
Not to sound cocky, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to win this contest. I just feel it! Sorry, everybody else.
Wilson said…
Let's go for another spin on the randomizer
Unknown said…
I'm in too. what the heck.
Stewart65 said…
Can't go wrong with the 'Fro AND the Toy Cannon!!
I'm in...Love this site.
Woah... it's like the Shrine of the Night Owl. I'm in!
petethan said…
In it to win it... or lose it. Either way. Thanks.
ClassicMNTwins said…
The Harmon '08 and Mudcat '72 sidies go way up my eye, it's true. But the Toy Cannon, Stan Williams and Davey C Fleer are quite fetching as well!
EggRocket said…
I'm in ... if it's not too late!