Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is me being busy

Imagine close to your ugliest day at work. I'm having it today. Throw in a sleep-robbing cough and there is no time for nothing today.

So here is a simple showing of cards from Baseball Dad at All Tribe Baseball:

Baseball Dad sent the stamps, too. He and I both used to collect stamps during our younger days.

Both of us also remember when stamps were 15 cents apiece.

Here's another thing we both remember:

The prices of baseball cards in 1979. Yeah, I think I'll pick up a mint-condition 1966 Mantle for $5, please.

Baseball Dad's a little older than me. Maybe he was able to jump on some of those card prices back then.

He also might remember collecting cards in '66. I don't.

Anyway ...



Is this day over yet? ...


  1. I love looking back to see what cards were selling for years ago... but I don't have anything near 1979. Awesome stuff!

  2. Yeah, I'm old, I know it ! I remember going to the corner store and buying packs of Topps cards in 1960 !! Nine years old. I had one of those orange Mickey Mantle All-Star cards. Yep, right on the old bike spokes....

    Glad you enjoyed the stamps and cards !

  3. Great memories, Baseball Dad. And you're hardly old! "Old" is 85-plus - and by then you can just be proud to be old.

    And hopefully we'll all be old one day.

    (Off-topic, I know, I blame a sleepless night. Happens sometimes as you get old.)