Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be the Mudcat

You know that saying about how pet owners tend to look like their pets?

Well, what about players who tend to look like their team's mascot?

I SAID, what about players who tend to look like their team's mascot?

Do you think the owner of the Carolina Mudcats gave the players some extra cash if they could make like a mudcat for the entire season? Imagine how many souvenirs they could sell if fans could get a stuffed mudcat that looked just like their favorite player!

I can hear the owner talking to his players now:

Stop thinking ...

Let things happen ...

And ...

Be ...

The ...


(Minor League cards are too much fun).


  1. First Point: Excellent observation and exactly why you are Blog of the Year

    Second Point: You need help. How do you notice such things?

    Third Point: Please never get help because you thoroughly entertain me.

  2. I'd love to see a team of mascotted Albuquerque Dukes.

    Word Verification: stanglys

    I'd also love to see a team of mascotted Stanglys.

  3. I love minor league logos. So many fun ones. I only have two caps, the Lookouts (with the googly eyes) and the Biscuits (with well, a biscuit).

  4. Absolutely fabulous. Good old Carolina Mudcats. Actually met Roesler when they played here in Huntsville, pretty sure I have a signed ball somewhere. GREAT POST

  5. That must be the kind of stuff you discover in the wee hours of the morning when you're pondering the meaning of cards.

    By the way, I'm still sad about that discarded Rangers hat you saw. Tragic...

  6. Good thing you don't write professionally...With all due respect, and I said with all do respect, it's in the Geneva convention.

  7. Dude, if you don't get it, one comment is enough. Obviously other people understand what I've been doing here for three-plus years.

  8. Sorry, it was a light hearted joke. I thought you would have a sense of humor...I did make a article about how a team looked like catfish.