Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping for cards with a 100.8-degree fever

I left work today three hours into my shift because I felt like garbage. I'm pretty sure I contracted something from a co-worker coughing away at a work meeting a couple days ago.

I came home and my dog licked the germs off me. I proceeded to not eat dinner then slept through whatever was on television.

That's how you know if I'm sick. I can never sleep with the TV on if I'm healthy.

About an hour-and-a-half ago, I felt as awful as I had all day. Chills. Horrible cough deep in my chest. But I've taken some medicine and now I'm eating something that I'm probably going to pay for in a couple of hours.

I'm also ordering cards online.

This is amazing. Because I have a difficult enough time ordering online when I'm semi-coherent. As I've said before, it's just not as simple as pulling a blaster off the shelf and throwing it in the cart. There's all this searching and comparing and budgeting and ... oh, now, I feel overheated.

But this was the day that I had set aside awhile ago to get some cards with some Christmas money. I have another day set aside later in the month, too. I can't be changing those dates. They've been established for maximum purchasing pleasure.

So, when the cards arrive in a week or so, I hope I'll be satisfied with whatever I found for myself in a feverish haze.

Here is a look at a few of the cards I did buy:

The last item isn't in as good of shape as this image, but it's still an awesome card.

I don't know, I think I did pretty good.

I'll be sure to show all the goodies when I get them.

Drugs are a wonderful thing.

(P.S.: I won't get to the team set blogs today. I'm not equipped mentally to do any research. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow).


  1. Thought I'd chart my progress:

    1/12: 6 a.m. 101.9 temp

    1/12: 2:15 p.m. called in sick.

    1/12: 6 p.m.: 100.5 temp

    Throughout the day: bitch' cough, throbbing head, fitful sleep. Fun!

    Expect continued no posting.

  2. Yikes, feel better! I'm just starting to come down with a sore throat, hope it doesn't morph into whatever nastiness you ended up with!

  3. Just came off an evil series of stomach pain spasms right when my fever medication expired. That was horrible. Going to bed in hopes tomorrow is better.

    On the good side, Netflix is coming handy.

  4. oh yea! its that time, my whole house is sick...and we have some viral infection that involves sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, and red eyes...most likely working from home we got some snow last night

  5. Hope you got some rest and are feeling better !