Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're not done voting yet

It's Election Night and most people have already cast their ballots, except for you folks out west.

But even though many have already voted, I'm hoping that you still have an itchy lever finger. Plus, this may be a lot more fun than voting for the next mayor who screws up your town.

As you know, I have plans to start another set blog after completing the '75 Topps blog in September. I'm thinking that I'll probably start it around the first of the year. I'm having difficulty lately keeping up even one blog and can't imagine trying to do two in the midst of holiday season. So look for the new blog in January sometime.

Also, I thought I had settled on the subject for my blog. I hadn't revealed it because I wasn't 100 percent sure, but I was reasonably certain that it would be the 1985 Topps set.

But since that time, I've considered other sets, too, and now I'm not sure which way to turn.

So I'm asking for your vote.

I will do a blog for whichever set comes up first in the poll.

Here are the possibilities:

1985 Topps

Positive points: We're still in my first collecting period with this set -- although just barely -- so I have a great appreciation for a lot of these players. Also, since I purchased an '85 Topps factory set at the beginning of 1985, I haven't absorbed all the cards even 25 years later. It's a great opportunity to get to know them all.

There are some notable rookies in this set, which I'm sure will fascinate some collectors (not me). And, since I know what was going on in 1985 very well, I have some ideas for sprucing up the blog.

Negative points: Not the most exciting images in the world. Plus, a lot of the players in this set have been addressed in other set blogs. So I'd have to do something else besides merely repeating bio information.

1971 Topps

Positive points: Lots of crazy photos and a design that is an all-time favorite. I could have a heck a lot of fun designing the blog. Also, there are a lot of players that I do not know at all -- this set was before my time. So I could learn a few things.

Negative points: I'm lazy and I don't want to do a lot of research for this blog, so having to look up who everyone is doesn't sound appealing.

Another point is I don't have this set completed yet. I still need a dozen cards. Fortunately, they're all high numbers and it would be quite awhile before I got to those cards (yes, I will be doing my set blog in numerical order. I prefer it to the random presentation).

1993 Upper Deck

Positive points: The cards themselves would be the stars of the show, more than any other set. Almost every card has an interesting photo. I would barely have to write anything. The card would do all the work.

Negative points: I was almost on my way out of collecting at this point, so I don't have as much interest in the players in this set. I'd have to fight the "who cares" syndrome with some of the cards.

So those are the sets I'm most interested in recounting.

I promise I will do a set blog on whatever year gets the most votes. I make no promises about completing it.

Please cast your vote in the poll on the sidebar (add a vote for the best Ron Cey card, too, if you haven't).

I'm interested to see which set gets their own blog come January.


  1. All three are worthy candidates, but I'd love to see you do a 1971 Topps blog. It might even motivate me to complete the set!

  2. Oh I'd love to see the '71 set be blogged.

    I remember '85 way too well, and lots of those players (like you said), are being talked about or will be talked about on blogs like the '83 & mine. Wasn't there an '87 blog at one time too? They probably covered a lot of the '85 guys too.

    The '93 set... feels too soon. The cards look great but...

  3. I was 12 in '85. In fact, '85 Topps was the first set I was able to piece together before the year was through. Besides the sometimes hard-to-read backs (which you'll get if you do the '71 Topps set anyway), I loved the front design -- the first Topps cards to feature a team logo in 20 years -- and the subsets are better as well.

    That said...you know which one I clicked.

    I still wish you'd have said '79 Topps, though.

  4. I say 1971 because I've been building that in OPC and have no clue who a lot of the players are. :)

  5. That said, the Jays won the AL East in 1985 and the WS in 1993, so there would be personal amusement in both.

  6. 1971 would be the first choice, followed by 1985

  7. '71. Even though I don't want to put more work on you.

  8. I voted for '85 because if you do '71, you'll motivate me to build that set just like the '75.

  9. Lets go 1985, Like you 1971 was a little before my time and 1993 was when I started cutting back on cards. This was the Hey day for people our age

  10. I am going to be pissed if it's not 1985 Topps.

  11. I'm voting for 1971 as well. Great design and lots of interesting early action shots. Plus, covering that set might expedite the process of you completing the set as new followers of the blog would be aware of your wantlist.

  12. I love the '71 set but it is also before my time. '93 was just about when I stopped collecting. So I'm voting '85 because seeing all the cards again would bring a flood of memories, probably with every card.

  13. if you do the 1971 set, I'll send you scans of the cards you don't have. I completed the whole set (took about 3 years because of the high numbers) but it was worth it because it's my birth year set.