Sunday, November 20, 2011

My one legendary short-print for the year

I'm sure a few people read yesterday's post about my A&G packs and chuckled to themselves "that's why I don't buy random retail packs."

Fine. Whatever you need to do to justify your collecting habits. It's all good. I've already mentioned that I enjoy -- and always will enjoy -- grabbing retail packs. For every dud pack, there's another one that's pretty interesting. I love the variety, the sampling, the surprise, and it's a great way to grab trade bait.

But I'm repeating myself.

When I snagged those loose, dismal packs of A&G the other day, I also selected an Update rack pack. I have all the Dodgers already, but I'm finding the Update cards pretty interesting -- as witnessed by the Blanco card at the top. Add the liquorfractors and the diamond sparklies and it's a good time for not much money. As close as I'll come to a cheap date with family in the house.

I've been Pin-Yay-Duhed!!!!!!

The rack pack turned out to be the Michael Pineda pack. I have a feeling I'll be assembling a package for Emerald City Diamond Gems in the next couple of weeks.

But something more interesting fell out of the pack:

It's the liquorfractor version of the Rickey Henderson legendary short-print. Pretty cool card. Love the running gloves.

This card means my quota for legendary short-prints has been met for the year.

Since I don't like going to my hobby shop, I don't have opportunity for pulling these cards every week. In fact, for me, it's been exactly once a year that I've stumbled upon a legendary short-print.

In 2009, it was this card:

In 2010, it was this card:

Great stuff.

Neither of the cards lasted very long in my collection. I traded them right away.

I expect the same thing to happen to the Henderson card, even though I do enjoy it so.

I'm hoping that the person who snags it is an Oakland A's fan. There just doesn't seem to be any A's collectors around anymore, and things are piling up.

Just a few things that could accompany Rickey.

I believe all of them were the result of purchasing random packs.

I'm hoping that one day they'll go to a home that will enjoy them more than I do.

Or I could just become an A's fan.

It sure seems like they could use a few.


  1. I just looked through some of my doubles in prepping a package for the Troll and I have some good short prints, etc. that I got in retail packs to trade away!

  2. My bro is a huge A's fan. Bleeds green and gold. Unfortunately he just isn't in a position to trade right now. It does keep my A's from building up though. Not that I get a lot of folks looking for A's cards...

  3. I love the Topps retail packs, especially the Updates - the value for the money is awesome!!! I got 2 SPs in 2011 and I think I have a 3rd coming...
    By the way, I feel famous that someone referenced me in a comment to your post...

  4. Man I wish I had something awesome to offer for that Reggie. My selection of Dodgers pretty much non-existent right now though. The best/only thing I can probably come up with to offer would be a personal sketch card.

  5. I would love that Rickey!!! I know you were pulling some cards for me - have they been sent over yet? I could dig up something up (though I might not be the most timely right now with the holidays - in-laws combined with work is taking away from bb card time).

  6. Your package went out Friday. But I can leave it aside and give you some time to find something. Just let me know when you're ready to roll.

  7. I seem to recall you calling for a Rockies collector and couple showed up. Maybe the same will happen for the A's.

  8. I love me some retail packs...