Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The want list is updated!

I know what you guys are doing to me. I finally get my massive want list updated. It takes me two months and I'm discovering sets and parallels that I never knew existed on a weekly basis. But I finally hit 2010 the other day, and it's finished, and I'm taking a break before I go BACK through it to include 2011 and everything I missed between 1950-80.

So what happens?

I get a package from Spiegel that contains cards from the 1977 Topps set.

He knows I'm collecting it, so it's totally a generous act on his part. But what he doesn't know is that while I was updating the want list, I went back and forth and back and forth about whether I wanted to put up a want list for '77 Topps.

I decided against it. Because I've really got to get '71 finished and then seriously start hitting '72s with an animal frenzy. A wide load of '77s would only derail the mission.

But I really agonized over it. I do love the '77s for many reasons and getting cards from that set is like ending up in Mrs. Fiato's sixth grade class all over again (that's actually a good thing). So why would I want to discourage that?

This collecting biz gets me so messed up.

So, here are the '77s that Spiegel sent that will lead me to putting up a want list for '77 Topps. Eventually. Later. In the future. When I have some irrational compulsion to type in hundreds of numbers (because I really do need hundreds of cards for the set).

Anyway ...


I am in inexplicably drawn to cards of Paul Lindblad. His '74 card. His '75 card. His '79 card. I haven't even gotten to his '78, '73 or '71 cards. Which are all great.

Here's another one. Once you absorb everything there is to view on this card, take a gander at Lindblad's signature, and tell me what he was trying to achieve with that. It's like some majestic script that you'd see on the end credits of a 1940s movie.

I am all out of jokes comparing Tice here to the famed boxer. You'll have to draw a connection yourself.

This card, by itself, brings back a flood of memories from the 11-year-old chapter of my childhood. I think everyone under the age of 14 -- both male and female -- wanted this card in 1977.

Chet Lemon's first solo card. And he gets a Lemon-colored rookie cup, too. Lucky guy.

My scanner absolutely despises 1977 Topps. It cuts off the border on every '77 card. I had to scan each of these cards twice because I'm such a trusting soul when it comes to my scanner.

Anyway, Mr. Etchebarren, there's no need to be self-conscious. There's no truth to the rumor that my scanner cut off your card in a spasm of "OMG! What is THAT?"

"OK, Joe. We just want you to stand right there. Right there. Yes. Don't do anything. Trust us. It will be riveting. Just you and the catcher's glove. And the No. 13. And the helmet. And the mustache. See? What did I tell you? Riveting."

We coveted cards of players who changed teams during the first big free agent year of 1976. We were dying to see what they looked like in their new caps and uniforms, which was actually what Topps guessed they would look like in their uniforms if the uniforms were devised by children with no artistic ability.

Darrell Johnson in his train conductor's cap will be a fine captain for these newfangled Mariners.

OK, that ends the 1977 chapter of Spiegel's package -- and, no, I haven't changed my mind about adding a '77 want list -- but there were plenty of other goodies, too.

There were two Lineage '75 minis cards, which get me giddy every time I receive one in the mail.

There was a single A&G high number need. I am going to set a personal worst in terms of completion time for this particular A&G set. Don't worry. I've already alerted the proper channels.

There were two terrific Fleer oddballs from the late '80s. Before I went on my mini-kick, I was going to go on a mission to gather up every Fleer oddball Dodger need from this period in a single scorched-earth act. I may still do that. But only after the mini-love.

There was this Ruddy Lugo refractor, which really doesn't have a blue border. Tragically.

There was this Donruss Preferred Paul Konerko checklist. How does a guy who had next to no MLB at-bats at this time earn himself a checklist back?

There was this greatly appreciated 1990 Leaf Mike Scioscia card in my marathon quest for the team set. Only two more to go!

And just to bring this post to a screeching halt, there were these two J.D. Drew cards.

Sorry, but 2006 Finest is just too good for Drew.

Spiegel sent a few other Dodgers and a couple of night cards -- stuff you'll probably see some other day.

But back to the real news of the day.

The want list is updated!

I want to enjoy this for a few days.

(P.S. You can still send '77s if you like. I can always supply a haphazard, wildly inaccurate want list in email form).


  1. It's amazing how hard it is to find '90 Leaf cards to fill out your team sets after all these years. I still need a few Orioles for mine!

  2. Again you amaze me at the Hershiser cards you have. That I don't. But now I know what a 1989 Fleer Baseball MVP Orel Hershiser card looks like. I'm off to scour online card stores. Welcome to Cyber Tuesday.

  3. Great trade. I will keep the '77s coming. My local shop has a bunch in there dime box. Every time we get a trade going I dig through to find some in solid condition.

  4. The elusive 1977 Cito! OPC never made another Cito after 1976 - not as a player, anyway.

    I'm curious just where they sold Leaf baseball. I can't recall ever seeing it.