Monday, November 21, 2011

A major mini issue ... how do I store my m-m-m-m-iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss???

I'm making steady progress on my Lineage '75 mini project. I've recently received minis from several bloggers, most notably from Nachos Grande. But also, these two needed Dodger minis came from Rod at Padrographs.

(Someone can send me the Kershaw mini any day now).

Have you noticed that the Koufax mini has a different photo than the regular Lineage Koufax? I wonder how many others are like that? I guess that's another future project for me.

Here are some more of the recently acquired minis:

And here are some more:

Lots of Braves in there. The Andruw Jones arrived from Stealing Home, and the Dan Uggla just showed up in the mailbox the other day from Randall. Welcome back, Randall! Glad to hear you're still hunting down those sets.

These cards bring me to 80 for the set, which is both impressive (to me) and pathetic. I'm merely at 40 percent completion.

However, I expect to make minis my number one collecting goal once the Christmas season is through. On the other side of the holiday is Topps 2012 and Heritage. I don't see myself being very interested in either of those, so that means hunting down more Lineage minis, as well as real, live '75 Topps minis!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

But this requires me to confront the most dreaded issue when it comes these particular minis.


When tobacco minis became all the rage with the arrival of Allen & Ginter and Topps 205/206, UltraPro, and other folks came out with pages for those size cards. I love those pages and my tobacco-sized minis thank UltraPro from the bottom of their cardboard hearts.

But I don't know where to go for my '75 Topps and Lineage '75 minis. As best as I can tell, UltraPro doesn't sell any sheets that house 2.1-inch-by-3.1-inch cards, which is the approximate measurement of both '75 style minis.

They certainly aren't available at the big box stores, and my hobby shop is too busy selling NASCAR jackets to have anything practical like card supplies.

I even checked out my old supplier from long ago, Fritsch Cards. Their Christmas catalog showed up recently, which is always full of memories (and some too expensive items). I turned to the page where I used to order pages through the mail. I could've sworn I saw pages for '75 minis at one time long ago.

But I haven't for quite awhile.

Just about everything is available there (except for the disturbing fact that the most popular item is out of stock). Everything, that is, except for anything that might house my '75 minis. The closest option is #3, which usually holds stickers and '51 Topps. UltraPro has those, too. But at 2 1/2 inches tall, the '75 minis will stick out too much. I'm guessing #5 would present the same problem.

Has someone come across pages that work with these cards? Right now I'm just placing them in the usual 2 1/2-by-3 1/2 card pages and watching them swish around in too much space.

But if I end up getting a whole set of either the Lineage or original '75 minis, I'm not going to be happy with pages that don't fit.

They're the best cards in the world. They deserve better.


  1. I have not yet found anything that works for these. As it is, I store my '75 minis right in the same pocket as their full-sized version.

    Without a better option, it keeps them from sliding around, even if it does give an interesting effect to the card itself.

  2. I didn't notice that some minis had different pictures than the base set cards. I think Adam Jones mini has a different picture than the base set. If I remember correctly, the base card shows him batting.

  3. I've been storing mine in a box with the base cards, but that isn't ideal; I'd rather store in a sheet, for sure.

    Is the Koufax regular card with Brooklyn (vs. this one being LA)?

    I didn't realize the different photos, either. Just from the ones you posted - in addition to Koufax, both the Jones-es (Andruw/Adam), Dejesus and Teixeira all have different photos. This is an interesting phenomenon...

    Also, the regular Reggie 75 mini *(Yanks) is different from the one with the relic (A's).

  4. My Braves '75 minis are in regular 9 pocket pages. All others are in normal penny sleeves with the rest of my '75 set. Sure they slide around a bit, but that's just freedom, man. It's like wearing boxers instead of briefs. They got some room to jiggle around a bit.

    If that mental imagery proves too much for you to bear, do this:
    1)get an X-acto knife, a ruler, scotch tape and a thick piece of cardboard the size of a normal card.
    2)put the cardboard in a normal 9-pocket page pocket.
    3)use the ruler to measure out the width of a mini plus about a quarter-inch to a half inch or so wiggle room.
    4)carefully slit the pocket(back side of the page for aesthetic value)From just above the bottom seam to just below the top seam.
    5)use the tape to seal the back of the page to the inside of the pocket. Use a second piece to seal up the flap on the back if you wish.
    6)repeat 9 times per page without:
    a)slicing through the page completely
    b)slicing through you completely.
    7)Do this 74 times for a full 660 card set (or 37 if you want to double up - but leave a little more slack)

    I'd just be lazy and let' em jiggle a bit.

  5. You aren't imagining things; I'd bought those 75 Topps Mini sheets once upon a time at Fritsch, as well.
    The new 2012 online Mini sets (and their parallels) have me casting about for more, which is how I found this entry.
    Not sure if I'm daredevil enough to slice up the 8-1/2 x 11 pages I've got, but I may give it a whirl.
    At any rate you are to be commended for thinking about a solution!