Thursday, November 17, 2011

OK, so about that having no time to do anything ...

I have no intention of going back on my promise to create a 1985 Topps set blog.

But I can't say I'm not disappointed about waiting a whole two years -- even longer if I throw in the '85 traded set (and I will) -- to begin a 1971 Topps set blog.

Two years is a long time. Who knows if I would ever get to a '71 Topps blog? Anything could happen. I could develop amnesia. I could join a virulent anti-computer cult. I could sell all my baseball cards to pay for cell phone bills. You just don't know.

Which is why I am going to start a 1971 Topps blog in January, too.

I mean look at the card that I have posted. Topps put three prospects named Reynolds on a single card and left it there without any additional comment. No quirky write-up on the back to link all three. No Fleer-like "Reynolds Riflemen" on the front. Just three guys with the same last name on a card. Figure it out for yourself.

I cannot possibly avoid blogging about a set with cards like this in it.

Besides, look at the cap on Archie.

Of course, there's the matter of not having time to do one blog, let alone three. So here's what I'm going to do:

I will alternate updating the '85 and '71 blogs. My hope is I will update each every other day. We'll see.

I'm almost absolutely certain now, that each post for each set blog will be mercifully brief. I don't mind researching. But I will absolutely hate it if I have to do it for three separate blogs.

So, see? Everyone gets their way.

Except for you '93 Upper Deck fans. No amount of whining in the comments will get me to do a third set blog.

Serves you right for growing up in the junk wax era.


  1. You might have to hire a ghost writer to do all that blogging for you.

  2. Is Archie an engineer? Next stop, Porterville!

  3. You are both awesome and insane! I'm looking forward to both new blogs.

  4. You know what make an intersting blog (building on Robert's idea), is if you made the '71 blog a more collective blog. Like... what if you had got a bunch of different baseball card bloggers to each write about certain cards? It would lighten the load... but maybe not be as fun for you?

    Anyway, I applaud your effort to do both '71 AND '85! I was planning to get into '83 once I'm eventually finished with '82, but now somebody's started doin' '83 (and a fin job at it) so at least you know you won't have to worry about somebody picking up the '71 while you're doin' an '85 blog.

    That was kind of a mouthful.

  5. Somehow, I knew you'd end up doing both.

    Signed the guy who's still on the fence about a '79 Topps blog.

  6. Sounds good! I found this tonight, but it looks like he's been out of business for awhile.

  7. This is unacceptable. I intimidated your readers into voting for the 85 blog, and now you're making the poll moot? Bah.

  8. I had a feeling you'd do something like this. If you hadn't, I'd have suggested it. Good call. :)

  9. Also - that card is great. Must be a high number, I guess. I've never seen it.

  10. Suh-weet !
    I'm on board with both.

  11. I like Devon's idea of doing a community set blog.

  12. love the magic hats on 1971 topps.

    i have decided my next 'side' project since the opc blog will soon become a 1977 opc blog.

    sometime after the first of the year i will launch a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams blog.

    you can get a head start and bookmark it

    looking forward to the 71 and 85 sites, but know that i votedfor the 93 ud.

  13. Sweet! I voted for the '85 blog but i had to really think about it. Looking forward to both.

  14. It'll be nice to say "I knew Night Owl BEFORE his nervous breakdown."

    Looking forward to another 1544 or so comments.