Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free at last

Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is a free man this evening.

I can't even comprehend the desperate circumstances that exist in Ramos' home country that cause people to value perceived wealth over a person's freedom.

But I do know a party when I see one, and I can practically here the music in Valencia, Venezuela tonight.

I choose to celebrate the best way I know how -- by revealing contest winnings from a completely opposite part of the world -- the great 49th state of Alaska.

I haven't won many contests lately. I haven't even been good at entering them. But because I actually thought that the Rangers would return to the World Series, I ended up with some cards from Collector's Crack.  (Check out his hilarious countdown clock). I didn't win first prize -- that would mean I would've picked the Cardinals to win the Series and everyone knows that didn't happen.

But let's see what Collector's Crack sent me out of the goodness of his own heart:

Yet another Kevin Brown card I didn't have. Brown's contract was so rich when he signed with the Dodgers that he even ended up with plane accommodations out of the deal. Those Venezuelan kidnappers are really dealing with small potatoes.

I thought I'd put all the unlikable Dodger players at the top of the post. Ransom hunters put me in an ugly mood.

Yup, still not over the ugliness. I just combined a brutal card set with a current Yankee.

Hey! That's better! Tommy Lasorda!!! Stickers!!!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!!!!!

I got a whole bunch of '84 Fleer stickers from the cynical buddha. All new to me.

Two shiny former Dodgers who each pitched in the postseason this season. OK, that pain above my eye is coming back.

Shawn Green dreaming of what it would be like to be black-and-white and --- shhhhh!!!! -- really wearing a Blue Jays uniform.

I'll end it with two parallels of Andre. I hope he's cooking up an improved 2012.

No point is showing the Toppstown Alex Rodriguez card that cynical buddha sent me. I guess that's what happens when you finish third. Can't argue with what you get. Not when baseball players are getting kidnapped.

Thanks man!

I wonder if anyone told him, "Follow me to freedom!"

Viva la Vida!

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