Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You thought I was done with '75 minis! ... But I'm not! .... Oh, no, it's mmmmmmmmore minis!! Minis!!!!!

You'd better get over to my other blog while you can. The new posts are going to last for only 20 or so more days, and then it's going to be history. ... Well, you'll be able to consult it whenever you want, but it'll be frozen in time, kind of like all the guys in the 1975 Topps set.

But the '75s will never end on this blog. Between Lineage and my new '75 mini quest, I'm going to assault your senses with contrasting colors until I get the cease-and-desist order. You'll be walking around in a hot-pink and sunburst-yellow stupor. But you'll be ultra happy. Because '75 minis are the happiest cards to ever grace the earth.

Except now ...

This is not in the spirit of the '75 mini.

Althought I love Clayton Kershaw cards, and still enjoy relic cards, and am really appreciative to Play at the Plate for sending this to me, we do not mar the classic '75 mini with one of those modern fool inventions. The '75 mini is perfect as it is. A slice of colorful heaven. But this card features a non-colorful, white expanse of cloth obscuring the photo image. You do not obscure the photo image on a '75 mini.

It looks like the card has an owie and is wearing a bandage.

Plus, there's another version of this Kershaw jersey relic card with a gray swatch instead of white. Gray? Gray has no place in a '75 mini. And two different relic swatches? What have you done with my '75 mini, man?

Then there's the matter of the color combination with the borders. So far, from the Lineage minis, I've seen the following color borders:

Light blue-green
Yellow-light blue

That's 11 color combinations. The original '75s had 18 color combinations. I haven't seen all the mini cards, but I would have preferred all the color combinations used. Seeing '75s without an orange-brown border or green-light green border is just not right. And I always liked the tan-light blue borders. I'm going to assume I missed a couple Lineage combinations.

But I'm going back to the last two color borders that I listed. The orange-blue and the yellow-orange, which is featured on the Kershaw card.


Now, I've already gone through the differences between the Lineage minis and the '75 minis, and I basically shrugged them off because I assume Topps tweaked some stuff for legal reasons to make sure they didn't look exactly like '75 minis. But you don't play with the border colors! That's the basic design of the '75 set. The most noticeable component of the '75 set. Yellow-orange and orange-blue bordered cards are not nostalgic because they weren't in the '75 set!

I noticed that in each case the border color that Topps got wrong was the orange part. If it had replaced the orange with red in each case, those would be combinations that are in the '75 set.

I have no idea why this happened.

I would have preferred that Topps put the relics in some other insert set in Lineage, like those glossy rookies cards from the late '80s. Those certainly need some help.

But getting the color combinations right -- that would have been even better.

Still I'm not going to stay cranky about this. I'm still collecting the '75 Lineage minis and I'm still taking all your Dodger relics.

And I'm still showing the other cards sent by Play at the Plate:

A Bowman Platinum of The Bison. Crikey, I wish these cards really looked like this.

Two purple refractors of Dodger stars from 2015.

And a card for my lazy 1979 Topps completion pursuit. Dave is no relation to Boz Scaggs. But I hear he's dirty lowdown.

Yes, I'm all about the '70s. You should know that by now.


  1. You really know how to break down that '75 set.

  2. That is some kind of quick turnaround. Good luck in your 75 mini quest.